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When you buy a new car, you will generally trust that it is going to get you from A to B safely and you do not usually think that anything will go wrong with it anytime soon, but do you have one of the cars that have been recalled recently? Here are some of the most recent car that have been recalled…


BMW of North America is now recalling 2005-2008 7 series vehicles for the second time. The problem with the vehicle is that it may roll away even when it is in park. This is not something you want to happen to your car; even though you will most likely not be in your car when it is in park, it can still cause issues for other cars and it can potentially wreck your vehicle.


The 2012 and 2013 Nissan Altima models are being recalled for loose steering bolts. The bolts may not have been tightened enough during their production and this problem can potentially cause accidents. If your vehicle does have this issue, then you may hear a rattling noise. It would be worth taking it in to your nearest dealership to get your car checked out, just to stay safe.


Toyota has recalled quite a few of their models, including the Yaris, Corolla, Camry and Sequoia. The problem with the Toyota vehicles is the power-window switch; the faulty switch was not dealt with correctly during production and can potentially cause smoke. No accidents have been reported yet, but this can potentially cause a huge distraction to the driver.


For the money you would pay on a Maserati, you would expect it to be high quality and safe. However, Maserati have recalled a few different models, including Quattroporte sedans and Granturismo Convertibles. The vehicles have tyre problems; the tyres could potentially blowout and cause an accident. The vehicle does not warn the driver when the tyre pressure is too low.

There can always be potential problems with vehicles, even when you least expect it. But if you ever notice that the car you own is on a recall list, then you should most definitely get it checked out before it causes problems for you and other people. You never want to be in an accident, but it is worse when you know you could have prevented it. Make sure your car is completely safe to drive.

Candy Wright checks her car is working properly quite often; however, if you are ever to get into a car accident, then she recommends contacting a personal injury solicitor.