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So you’ve got a car you want to race yet cannot afford to do it up?  Well, do not fear.  While the continuing recession has forced austerity on nearly everyone, there are some benefits to be found.  The internet has remained as a stronghold for quality products and even better, it seems to be cheaper too.  So you can afford to get that turbo charger you wanted for a lot less than you would have thought.  Yet, if you still do not have the cash to maintain the car as you would have liked, then you’re going to need to make it up elsewhere.  So what can you do?

Turbo Charged Efficiency

While it’s likely you’re going to want to tune your engine for performance rather than efficiency, there are still potential savings to be had.  Just with a simple clean up you could save a small amount off your fuel bill, for instance.  Sure, that turbo charger is going to affect your fuel consumption somewhat, but by changing the oil regularly and maintaining the car well, you’re going to push that number up again: it’ll probably even out somewhat.

So now you’ve spent that little bit of cash on a turbo charger you need to find a way for the car to pay for itself.  If you use it a lot, then advertising could be an option.  There are companies who will pay you to have their adverts splattered all over your car but beware: some of these companies insist on a “black box” to monitor how far you drive.  If you do not drive the number of miles they require, they’re not going to pay you.  This advertising income could be enough to pay for your race fees should you enter any races but they’re unlikely to make the car completely self-sufficient: unless you win all those races, that is.

Instead, you should be doing all the things to make it a better racing car: stripping it down to the bare bones to cut away all of that extra weight, for instance.  However, if you use the car every day, this isn’t the best idea: you don’t want to sacrifice all your comfort after all and that turbo charger and powered up engine are going to add a lot of performance for racing.  Instead, you could look at renting your car out when you’re not using it.  This way someone else can use your car and pay you for the privilege: you get some cash to pay for its maintenance and they get a car for a day or week or whatever you decide.

If you are looking to do your car up and fit in a turbo charger, then you can find some great deals online.  Just make sure you know what you’re doing and you’ll have a great car on your hands.