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Fog lights are immensely important in a car system but till date, fog lights do not come as standard in many cars. Cars like Pontiac Vibe with fog lights invariably get an edge over others in terms of safety and visibility.

While driving through snow, sleet, rains, and intense fog, fog lights are the one to give you better visibility. Fog lights like the Pontiac Vibe fog lights illuminate a unique beam that cuts through the fog, improve your visibility while driving, and wipe out the chances of accidents.

As we all know, rough weather conditions call for careful driving. By using and installing Pontiac Vibe fog lights, your Pontiac Vibe can be seen better by other cars, and you will be able to see them clearly too.

However, over time one or both of the Pontiac Vibe fog lights will burn out and will need replacement. Replacing the Pontiac Vibe fog lights is not difficult but unfortunately, you will not find the replacement procedure written in the owner’s manual but you need not to worry for replacing the fog lamps as any average backyard mechanic can replace a fog light on a Pontiac Vibe in fifteen minutes. In case you are a motivated do-it-yourselfer and you have flexible arms, replace the fog lamps on your own.

Steps to Replacing Pontiac Vibe Fog Lights

Buy replacement bulb No. 9006 for your Pontiac Vibe. Before you start the replacement process, place a towel on the ground below the front bumper area of the fog light that needs replacement. The towel helps to protect your knees. To reach the Pontiac Vibe fog light assembly, you need to crawl under the bumper. Torch or a flashlight will help you to find the fog light assembly. Hold the socket in hand and turn it one quarter anticlockwise. When the socket pops out, remove it from the fog light assembly.

Now release the clip with your thumb separate the bulb from the socket. Dispose the old bulb and insert the new bulb. Push the bulb until it fits into position. Now reposition the socket into the fog light assembly. To attach the socket into the connector, turn the socket one quarter clockwise. Check the new fog light by turning it on.

Remember to follow the instructions on the bulb package for your safety. Wear rubber gloves to avoid direct skin contact with the new bulb. Touch the halogen fog lamp only at the base. Do not start replacement of Pontiac Vibe fog light if you are unsure, instead you should take help from an experienced mechanic.