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Recognized as one of the most affordable SUVs with unquestionable quality, Toyota Highlander comes with a sassy and chic look and gives superior van-like comfort to its riders.  However, this powerful car has some fragile parts too. Of them, the most fragile are the Toyota Highlander tail lights. Positioning at the rear end of the car and weak built are the major reasons for Toyota Highlander tail lights fragility.

Material that Toyota uses for the Toyota Highlander tail lights is what they call “polycarbonate” or “acrylic” but that material is nothing but, breakable plastic. Positioning of car tail lights is the most comprehensible reason for its recurring damages but when poor quality is added to that, tail lights become even more fragile. Therefore, when you buy a Toyota Highlander, be prepared for replacing Toyota Highlander tail lights occasionally if not frequently.

For frequent replacement of the tail lights, paying high price to the mechanics is not feasible every time. Learning to replace the tail lights on your own is perhaps the best way to save your money and your time.

Step 1

Take the key out of the ignition and ensure your safety by engaging the emergency brake. Keep the headlamp control also in off position.

Step 2

Go to the back end of you Highlander and open the tailgate.

Step 3

Locate the Toyota Highlander tail light assembly cover in the back of the trunk. It is triangular in shape. Try to open the assembly by prying it either with fingers or with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 4

Locate the broken bulb. Now twist and turn the broken bulb counter-clockwise and pull it from the socket and then dispose it immediately.

Step 5

Now replace the old bulb with the new bulb.

Step 6

Push the new bulb socket into the assembly and then turn it clockwise to secure its position.

Step 7

Now before you close the assembly cover, make sure the bulb is working properly. In case it is working fine, close the assembly cover and replace and shut the trunk trim.

Remember, you need to handle the tail light bulbs with utmost care as they can easily pop, shatter or crack if dropped. Before replacing the bulb, make sure which one you need to replace. Read Section 7-3 of your Highlander owner’s manual for more information. In case, you are apprehensive about replacing the Toyota Highlander tail lights on your own, take assistance of a qualified mechanic.