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The Infiniti EX Diesel comes with a 3.0 liter V6 238 horse power engine and is an SUV finally able to match its prestigious rivals such as the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLK and BMW X3. The only thing missing getting recognition from German car buyers who don’t tend to be too keen on this model – however, other European countries are seeing some very impressive sales.  This is a great car and comes with the internationally recognized Infiniti Navigation System as standard.  Read on for a quick review to find out more about the Infiniti EX Diesel model.

Overview of the Infiniti Brand

Infiniti is to Nissan what Lexus is Toyota’s premium brand.  However, the two brands have very different strategies and models when it comes to sales.  Founded in 1989, the luxury label first invested in the U.S. market before landing in Europe two years later. Infiniti has been more cautious in Europe with a limited selection of car releases – although the new EX diesel is set to change that.

After receiving the green light from the head of Nissan in 2006, the European arm of the company developed a range that consisted of large road and SUVs.  Infiniti are attempting to challenge a market that has been traditionally held by German car brands.

The New Infiniti EX Model

The Infiniti EX is a small SUV that is set to challenge the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLK and BMW X3 over the coming years and has been designed to suit the specific needs of the European market.  For example, there are many improvements included with the latest generation as opposed to the United States version.  These include suspensions improvements that have firmer settings and the quality of manufacturing seems to have taken a significant leap forward according to many online automotive bloggers.

The Infiniti Navigation System

One of the more popular inclusions with the European version is the Infiniti Navigation System.  This is built into the dashboard of the car and is based upon a very similar user interface to the one found in Garmin GPS and satellite navigation units – in other words, it’s very simple and easy to use.  It accepts voice commands from the driver and is also Bluetooth compatible for hands-free phone calls.  One thing to note however is the fact that the driver will need to purchase annual Infiniti Navigation DVDs which have the latest map updates on them.

The Infiniti Entertainment System

Other aspects that help to make this new car popular is the entertainment system.  It is embedded into the dashboard and shares its display with the Infiniti Navigation System.  You can connect an iPhone or iPod up to it and scroll through MP3 libraries using buttons on the steering wheel

Driving Style of the Infiniti EX

Driving is smooth and responsive – all of which is helped by the improvements to the suspension system for the European market.  The seats are comfortable with three different trim levels available.  There’s plenty of leg room in the back for passengers and enough room in the trunk and boot for a week’s worth of shopping.  Overall, this is an impressive car and looks set to finally challenge the larger German car brands – albeit at a far lower price point!

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