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When it comes to relocating, there’s a lot to consider. In addition to the organisation, packing and planning, there’s the worry that comes with getting your precious belongings shipped overseas.

For many people who have invested thousands in their car, it tends to be one of the things that can play on your mind; what if my car gets scratched or damaged? What happens if it does not arrive?

These worries about shipping your car can make an already challenging period even more stressful.

In the brief post I shall outline some useful tips to give you peace of mind about your car when you relocate.

Carefully Pick Your Car Transportation Company

When moving important items overseas, I’d recommend going with a large company that has a prove track record with international relocation. In the transport and shipping industry, it is not profitable for one company to have offices and transport goods themselves. Therefore, most car shipping companies will be using third party suppliers. This is not a problem, but I’d highly recommend questioning your car transportation company on who will be looking after the vehicle at each stage of the move. Once you have those answers, some research online can give you a better of idea of whether you want to use this car transportations company, and their suppliers.

Inspect Your Car Before It Gets Shipped

It’s a good idea to take notes and photos of the condition of your vehicle. All personal belongings and removable electronic devices such as Sat Nav (GPS) and head units should be taken out of the car. You need to take an inventory of your car’s contents because all of these must be declared at customs. Be sure to double check with your shipper what can be left in the car, as some items may oppose immigration laws and could be removed. It is also worth asking how much fuel should be left in the vehicle – most car transportation companies prefer you not to have over a quarter of a tank. Finally, make sure the car is cleaned thoroughly so that you are not bringing any soil or insects into a new country.

Purchase Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance covers your car for the time it spends on the ocean. While the ocean carrier will certainly be insured to cover what it is transporting, this will be a minimal amount and will not cover the full amount should the car be lost or stolen. If you have a new car and have gap insurance, it is worth speaking to the insurance company to see if it is covered on the ocean and abroad. Generally you can get all of this through your existing supplier. However, you’re better to speak with your chosen shipping company to see what they can offer. Although, be sure to ask the car transportation company if the insurance they offer is primary or secondary. If it is secondary, your insurance company will have to pay first, which many be more costly. It’s always worth drilling down with your questions.

Upon Delivery

Before you sign for a successful delivery, be sure to check your car against the intinary, photographs and any additional notes you took before the move.

Marcus Hemsley is a professional copywriter and is writing on behalf of Car Concierge, a luxury and classic car transportation company based in the UK.