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As the term suggests, a short term car lease involves leasing a vehicle for a short predetermined duration. That is generally for one to two years, but you may also be able to lease a car for three to six months. Financially speaking, a short term car lease is less advantageous than a long-term car lease. However, it is the preferred option to renting or buying a car for many people who require a vehicle for the short haul.

There are many short term car lease San Francisco Bay Area dealerships that offer convenient and customized deals to individuals, corporate travelers, and relocation companies. The leasing process is generally simple and easy to complete, and you do not have to sign up for any long-term commitments or make any large down payments.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose from a wide range of vehicles for the three months to two years of your short-term car lease. When your lease expires, you can extend it and get a new car. The advantage of this is obvious — you get to drive a brand new car model every time, with the latest technology and safety features.

Why would you need a short term car lease?

There can be various reasons why you might need a short term car lease.

You want a vehicle for a short period

Perhaps you have a short-term job assignment that requires you to have a car for its duration. As you may not require the car after the assignment is done, it makes more sense to lease it than to buy it. If you are relocating and need a car only for transporting your family and your possessions, leasing is again the better option. You might want to lease a car too for the short term if you require reliable transportation to attend an educational or training program.

You want to road-test a vehicle you like

Another reason for calling a short term car lease San Francisco Bay Area dealership is to check out a vehicle that you are thinking of buying eventually. By leasing it for a few months or a couple of years, you can find out first-hand what it feels like to drive that vehicle in different real-life situations and confirm if it is the right fit for you. It is a safer option than splurging on an expensive vehicle and then discovering that it isn’t what you want or need.

Where can you find a short term car lease?

Finding a short term car lease may be trickier than finding a regular long-term one. A quick search online can point you towards various short term car lease San Francisco Bay Area dealerships. However, you will need to inquire at each if they can lease you a vehicle for the duration you want.

Get in touch with the sales manager of a dealership and ask them if they are willing to write you a short-term lease contract. Be aware that some dealerships may refuse to give you lease contracts that are less than two years. Options for a short term car lease can be limited and quite expensive.

If a dealership agrees to offer a short term car lease, you must be prepared to negotiate a good deal on the car’s price, the interest rate, and the monthly payment.

Cars depreciate over the years. The depreciation figure is the difference between the initial price of the car, which is known as capitalized cost, and the predicted value of the car, which is known as residual value. While the residual value is non-negotiable, you can haggle over the capitalized cost. Keep in mind that you will be paying in part for the car depreciation that occurs in the period of your short-term lease. Since vehicles have different depreciation rates, it may help to do some research on the vehicle you are leasing.

The dealer may agree to reduce the interest rate, which is known as a money factor in leasing parlance if you pay a higher refundable security deposit. That will lead to a reduced monthly payment. You can also reduce the interest rate and save your money by paying the entire lease upfront.