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Innovative gadgets are making cars smarter than ever. From night vision to eyes all around, cars are doing more of the work these days, saving money at the pumps and lives on the road. The automotive industry is turning to technology to create futuristic features for cars available at some NJ Ford dealers.

Start-Stop Technology

This concept began with hybrids but now has expanded to gas-powered cars, as well. With the new start-stop technology, a motor automatically shuts down when the car is not moving. This magic trick is done via the battery and new engine controllers. Start-stop functioning is a natural way to save fuel and reduce emissions. Ford has been using this technology in their European models for a while, and intends to bring start-stop engines to the United States, as well.

Night Vision

No more glare for cars when travelling down the highway after dark. Night vision is already active in top of the line luxury models from BMW and Mercedes. By 2020, experts think this feature will be commonplace for new cars. The night vision system amplifies available light to help expand the view of the driver. With this technology, a motorist can see a person or animal that wanders onto a dark road even if out of range of the headlights.


Ford owners are already getting a taste of the cutting edge technology of Sync. Texting in cars is becoming a nationwide epidemic. In response, Ford developed Sync to turn the car into a wireless mobile device using power supplied by a Windows system embedded into the windshield. The technology provides:

  • Voice-controlled phone and phone book
  • Call transfer from a smart phone to the Sync system with no interruptions
  • Voice navigation with 3-D mapping
  • Voice activated music options like satellite radio and song search
  • Audible incoming text messages
  • Hands free Internet access
  • Vehicle health reports
  • Voice activated climate control

The control system consists of a customizable cluster screen, user sensitive touch screen and steer-mounted buttons.


EV+ is another technology that the best NJ Ford dealers are the most excited to receive from the manufacturer. EV+ has the equivalent of muscle memory. The system learns common destinations for a vehicle. Through the use of GPS, the car uses what it remembers to improve fuel efficiency for well-traveled locations. For example, when a driver takes the car to work every day, EV+ remembers that route. It can adjust the power train options for recorded locations to prompt more electric-only usage to save on fuel.

The automotive industry is building a better mousetrap with the help of technology giants like Microsoft. With better gadgets, cars manufacturers are improving efficiency while creating safer cars that are more fun to drive.

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