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If you know how to drive, then you must be fond of speeding. But no one likes to have speeding ticket after experiencing this thrill. One should not break the laws but sometimes if you are late for an important meeting, girl friend is going crazy as you are late for your date, you need to rush for your children’s annual day function then it becomes necessary to convince the officer who rushed after you and handed a “Speeding Ticket”.




Below are some points which you can follow to get out of a Ticket:

Talk Politely:  Standing on the road for whole day and watch car after car pass can make the person not so sweet. Traffic officers have to deal with all sorts of people in a day. So if he raises his voice and asks you something doesn’t lose your cool, stay calm. Be polite, roll down your window, turn off the car ignition, and say “Yes, officer”.  Try to be as civil as possible, and try to avoid arguments.

Clarify What Happen: When the traffic officer comes to you and tell you that you are fined for over speeding, ask him about the incident which brought his notice to you. At what point the officer noted your speed and how? Don’t be confrontational; ask the questions as if you are asking for the correct information.

Don’t Admit To Anything: If a question is thrown to you like “Do you know how fast you were driving” doesn’t come up with answers like “Yes at least 80”. Instead you should say something like this “I am not sure, but I don’t think so that I crossed the speed limit”. Your acceptance will make harder for you to fight the ticket.

Ask Him to Spare You with a Warning: If you have followed the above points and were polite in your accent, didn’t confront, then it’s quite possible that the officer let you go with a warning. There is no harm in trying to convince him what worse he can do is say “NO”. If that is the case try to convince him to give you a ticket for lesser fine amount.

Don’t Pay The Ticket There Only: Don’t pay your fine amount to the officer there only. Challenge the ticket in court, that doesn’t give you a guarantee that you will get out of it. But it will not worsen the situation more.

Try for a Second Chance with a Letter: Don’t waste this chance, write a pleading letter mentioning about your case to the traffic officer. Try to explain your part in a well written letter. As the officer has the power to rescind your ticket before the case is scheduled in the court.

Behave Professionally in Your Hearing: In some places traffic cases are handled by the judge and in some the magistrate is the in-charge for such offenses. So try to be as civilized and polite you can. There are numerous reasons which can get you out of the ticket, like the place incident took place. The officer who fined you doesn’t turn up for the hearing.

Try to Negotiate in Court: If the fined amount is too high, try to get of it by using your best of the negotiating skills in court. Might be you get lucky.

The bottom line is getting out of a ticket depends upon the factors like how fast you were driving, the mood and the temperament of the officer present there. The way you present your case in front of the judge in court.

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