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You need to keep your car in tip top condition at all times.  You don’t want to run the risk of breaking down or having an accident when you cannot afford it.  While it may be tempting in these austere times to look for those little savings and skimp on the upkeep of your car, if you then have an accident the cost could be far greater than what you could have paid.  Probably the most important thing to check therefore is your brakes, but you don’t need to spend the earth on replacing them once they are beyond use.  Car parts do not have to be expensive these days and you do not have to heed the words of your dealer or mechanic when they urge an upgrade to a more expensive model.  The likelihood is that they get a healthy margin on those products.  Instead, shop around for cheap brake discs and pads and any other parts you may need.

Keep That Car Running

For most people, a car is essential.  You need it to get to work and to escape the city at the weekends.  Without a lot of money, it gives you a great option for holidays within the country too.  A car represents your freedom, so doing without it is akin to losing that.  As much as the recession squeezes you, the car will stay.  So, you need to make the most of it.  Keep it going as much as you can.  When the car needs parts replaced, go out and buy your own cheap brake discs, oil filters or headlights.  You’ll be able to get them cheaper yourself, so you can save a bit here to spend elsewhere.

Obviously there is a cut-off point with everything.  It’s not possible to just keep going cheaper and cheaper all the time without losing something in the process.  If you head down to your local scrap heap, you’re likely to find a lot of used parts that will fit your car and some of them may be dirt cheap.  But you have absolutely no guarantee that these parts aren’t just going to fail on you after ten miles or something.  No, it’s a much better idea to look for your car parts, be they spare wheels, gearboxes or just brake discs for cheap online or elsewhere.  You can find new parts for most cars for a lot less than dealers will offer and you can be assured that these won’t fail on you.

When you’re looking for car parts, a great place to start is online.  It’s important to keep your car in good nick, so keep an eye out for cheap brake discs online and you can solve your car’s problems with ease.