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Headlights are integral parts of any car; in fact, they are the eyes of the car. The same holds true for the Buick Park Avenue Headlights as they work as the eyes of the Buick Park Avenue.  Proper functioning of headlights is inevitable for maintaining safety and security of its riders. By illuminating lights from the front of the car, the headlights make the car visible for others and make the road visible to driver while driving. Functions of the headlights are not only limited in the nights only, rather, headlights such as Buick Park Avenue headlights make the roads visible in foggy and rainy weathers too. Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of Buick Park Avenue headlights, once broken the headlights should be replaced as soon as possible.

Not only in times of breakage or damage, rather you need to check the headlights on your Buick Park Avenue every six months to ensure they are functioning normally. Replacing headlights is not a tricky job. Below are the steps which will guide you to replace Buick Park Avenue headlights easily and without taking the help of professional mechanics.

Step 1

Start the process by ensuring the ignition key is in the off position and the Buick Park Avenue headlights switch is off.

Step 2

Open the hood of your Buick Park Avenue and locate the central bolt of the plastic shroud. Use a ratchet and a socket to remove the central bolt. Now take the shroud out of the way to gain access to the headlights.

Step 3

From the back of the Buick Park Avenue headlights ballast, take out the electrical plug. Now while pulling the plug out of the ballast, push down the release tab.

Step 4

Turn the bulb counterclockwise 1/3 of a turn and pull it to take out from the housing.

Step 5

Now hold the new bulbs with towel and insert the Buick Park Avenue headlight bulb inside the housing. Two locking tabs are there on sides of the ballast. Twist the bulb clockwise and align the bulb and ballast so that it fits into the housing assembly.

Step 6

Reconnect the wire harness to the back of the Buick Park Avenue headlight ballast.

Step 7

Check whether the Buick Park Avenue headlights are working perfectly.

Remember not to touch the headlight bulb with your fingers or get any dirt or debris on the bulb; otherwise the glass could explode once it reaches full operating temperature.