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Last year was one of the best years for auto sales in nearly a decade. This included the purchase of over 2.8 million used vehicles. Nearly 65 percent of the cars on the roads in the country are pre-owned. Used cars have been outselling new vehicles for well over a decade. Anyone who is currently shopping for a used vehicle will want to take several steps to ensure the car is in good condition.

Test Drive

Drivers should always test drive a used vehicle before making a purchase. The test drive will reveal any potential problems with the engine or issues that could make driving difficult. It is important to drive the vehicle across a range of different conditions. This includes up and down inclines. The car should also be driven in highway conditions and in city conditions that involve frequent stopping. If anything feels off during the test drive, then it is usually best to find another vehicle.

Maintenance Record

Drivers will want to ask the dealer or seller for the maintenance record associated with the car. The maintenance record is a list of all the service and repairs that have been performed on the vehicle. Dealers do not always have these records. It is sometimes necessary to talk to the previous owner in order to find the record. The maintenance record provides a fast way to see how frequently the car needed service. It is also useful for determining the history of the car since it will show major accidents or other issues. Long maintenance records could indicate that the car will require frequent trips to a repair shop.

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Used cars should always be inspected by a mechanic or automotive professional. This is essential especially when considering a private sale from a stranger. Some individuals will bring a mechanic along to the dealership or home where the car is located. Other people will take the car to a nearby mechanic before finalizing the sale. A mechanic will be able to look at the different components on the vehicle and determine the quality of the parts. Mechanics can often identify potential problems that will make future maintenance very expensive. They can also identify safety issues that could make the car unsafe to drive.

Research Maintenance Costs

It is helpful to spend some time researching the average maintenance costs for a particular year and model of used car. This type of information is regularly compiled by different automotive industry groups. A car that seems like a good deal might contain expensive or rare parts that will make even standard maintenance very costly. Some models of vehicles are known for requiring frequent maintenance. This will help to put the cost of ownership into perspective.

Ask For A Warranty

Drivers will want to ask dealers for some type of warranty before finalizing a used car sale. A warrant is important because even an inspected car could have some unforeseen problem in first few weeks after leaving the lot. There are issues inside of engines and transmission systems that are invisible during an inspection. A warranty will ensure that the costs of any necessary repairs after the purchase are covered. Some used vehicles that have been factory certified might come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer.

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