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Like any car mirrors, the Dodge Caliber mirrors are the staple components of the car. Many people, mostly women, use the car mirrors as grooming accessory but in reality, the Dodge Caliber mirrors work more than that. By only looking at the Dodge Caliber mirrors, driver gets the view of the peripherals and can calculate the approximate distance and speed of other cars while driving in traffic.

The rearview mirrors of the Dodge Caliber mirrors are located in the uppermost center near the windshield fronting of the driver’s area and reflect the images out of the rear window.

A side view mirror of the Dodge Caliber mirrors, come usually attached to the car doors on both sides and help the driver to be able to see the vehicles coming from behind. The rear and side view mirrors also help to see people or objects at the times of backing up or changing lanes. These functions make the Dodge Caliber mirrors essential for the car.

It is not unknown to anyone that, mirrors are prone to breakage, even the slightest nudge from another vehicle can result in cracking of the glass. Older models can also deteriorate with age. Deterioration or breakage, any of the two calls for immediate replacement of Dodge Caliber mirrors for saving the riders of the car from accidents.

How to Replace Dodge Caliber Mirrors:

At first, buy a replacing mirror keeping in mind the color, make, and year of your Caliber. Also buy a trim tool from local auto parts store. Now roll down the window and shut your caliber off. Now to avoid the risk of electrocution disconnect the battery’s negative cable. With a screwdriver, remove the entire door panel.  A trim tool will help you to take the clips out around the car door. When all clips are out, pull the door panel from the door. Now disconnect the cord of the power mirror from the door panel connection.

Use a socket or a ratchet, and take out the side view mirror bolts. Now the entire mirror assembly can be removed easily from the car. Use a torx driver to pry the plastic tabs and remove the old mirror from the mirror assembly.

Now place the new Dodge Caliber mirror into the mirror assembly. Tighten the screws to attach the mirror to the door panel. Now re-connect the cord on the door panel to the power mirror cord. Place all the clips and attach the door panel then tighten all screws. Put all the screw caps in the reverse order. Now, connect the battery, and confirm that the Dodge Caliber power mirror works properly.

Replacing the Dodge Caliber mirrors is easy once you learn the steps. Go through the user manual that came with the package and in case you are not confident of replacing on your own, take help from a qualified mechanic.