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When young drivers get their first cars, it’s usually parents footing the bill. Rightfully so, they feel they should have a say in the cars they purchase for their children. Top priorities on the list are often dependability, high safety ratings, and of course, affordable car insurance.

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) has determined the top ten vehicles that parents seem to prefer for their driving teens.
10. Kia Forte

There are three versions of this model (two door, four door, and five door hatchback). It reports good gas mileage and comes in under $16,000.

9. Honda CRZ Hybrid

This sporty model starts off around $20,000 and comes with an optional six-speed manual transmission. A great choice for looks as well as caring for the environment.

8.Hyundai Elantra

2012 North American Car of the Year, this fuel-economical model is a roomy compact with a high safety record coming in under $17,000.

7.Honda Civic

Well known for it’s dependability, the second Honda on the list also has good gas mileage and a range of options and prices for most parents budgets.

6.Toyota Yaris

Redesigned and just over $14,000, this model boasts good gas mileage. Although this isn’t the highest performance car on the list, it could result in cheap car insurance for 17 year olds looking for a comfortable and affordable car.

5.Scion xB

Now for something different, this manual transmission model has an MSRP around $17,000 with the automatic version nearly $18,000. It’s quirky shape will appeal to teens everywhere – but it has recently been    discontinued, so isn’t available long.

4.Scion xD

This model is not as popular as the preceding Scion, but sports good mileage and comes in just over $16,000.

3.Honda Fit

The final Honda on the list, this model is safe, dependable, and gets great fuel economy, closing the gap at around $15,000.

2.Nissan Cube

The description is in the name, but this model gets good mileage, although better with the manual version than the automatic version. The popularity of this model makes it a good choice for the discerning teenager.

1.Scion tC

Last of the Scions, this model is the “luxury” class coming in just under $20,000 (manual) and the only one of the three not getting the axe!
There you have it – the ten most popular cars for parents looking for car safety, dependability, and affordable car insurance for young drivers.

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