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If you are among the 25%+ of the area residents between the age of 18 and 24, there are used cars in Weslaco, TX waiting for you!

You might have your eye on the red sports car or black halfback in the showroom, but the safest, smartest buy for the first time buyer may be the pre-owned vehicle lot. That’s right, a Used Car!

Buying used from a reputable dealer gives you more confidence in your deal. The cars have been part and performance inspected. They will print a detailed report for you, or you can choose a dealer with its own checking system, like Ford Direct.

  • Set a budget that includes taxes, plates, registration, and insurance. All of these items are cheaper on a used car. Buy only within your budget!
  • Talk it up. Seek advice from parents, friends, mechanics, and web research on experience, cost, and risks.
  • Do not take peers to the dealership with you. Peer pressure is not as rational as you are, and they won’t be paying the bills. Don’t buy a car your friends will look good in.
  • Do not fall for pretty. Color, flash, and sparkle are sales devices not quality features.
  • First rides are modest for most young people. But, they get you to and from school or work, and you will never forget your first car.

Now, you may think of a used car as having no paint finish, shakes and rattles on the trial run, and gaping holes in the floorboards. You might think of bad brakes, weak steering, failing electric systems – and EPA abuses. In Texas, some of those cars never made it off the ranch.


But, you can find what works for you on the certified pre-owned lot at a reputable local dealer. You can search the lot on line, check the lot price against comparable vehicles on line, and even calculate your financing. The smartest move is to figure out what you need:

  • Where and when will you drive?
  • How much mileage do you expect to drive in a week?
  • Do you need cargo space?
  • Do you have children to drive?
  • What kind of car maintenance can you do and on what model cars?
  • Does reliability and low cost maintenance mean more than good looks?
  • How important is fuel-efficiency in your mind or are you into eco-friendly products?

Once you put use and purpose first, you can think cost. Once you know what you can afford, you will find a match for your needs among the used cars in Weslaco, TX!

Heather B has written numerous articles about automobiles and always enjoys sharing her research with others.