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Cars are a staple of modern society, and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a replacement for them anytime soon. We rely on these machines to the point of developing genuine emotional connections to them – I’m sure we’re all acquainted with one or two obsessive car-lovers whose TLC toward their vehicles has impacted their real relationships. So what are the best expressions of this love through the medium of song? Find out below:

A.D.D. S.U.V. – Uffie feat. Pharrell

Rappers can spring to mind when we think of songs about cars, with images them bouncing around with their hydraulics and leagues of women. However, this rap-pop-electro song is more metaphorical than materialistic. Uffie raps about her ADD SUV, which she drives around in looking for new thrills in the ‘valley of dolls’ –  while Pharrell contributes some more typical verses with token rap phrases like ‘ghetto girl’.

I’m In Love With My Car – Queen

These guys really love their cars, you can tell. It’s impossible not to the passion on the most ballad-y song on this list. The singer describes every part of his wonderful machine much in the same way as you would describe every feature of your crush, and there are various clips of one riffing away in ecstasy. A rather underrated Queen song, but definitely not one to be missed.

Madness – Driving In My Car

This song is a lot sillier than the other entries on this list, but the deep love for all things car-related is nonetheless undeniably present. The members of Madness drive around in their car, sing nonsensical lyrics, and dance extremely poorly. The sheer likeability of this tune has stood the test of time – even if Madness’s fashion has not.

Formula 1 Theme 2009 – The Chain, Fleetwood Mac

Using the incredible guitar solo from the original song, the Formula 1 theme song adds car-related sound effects such as drilling and revving to heighten the intensity and to say: ‘Yes, this is about cars.’ The lack of any lyrics only lends to its greatness; cars don’t speak, they drive. Or at least, they get driven…

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Starting slow with a gentle guitar, muted beat and Chapman’s delicate yet powerful voice, this song ambles along peacefully before growing more rousing towards the end and then fading. ‘You got a fast car/ I want a ticket to anywhere/ Maybe we can make a deal/ Maybe together we can get somewhere.’ Cars do have a certain romantic appeal under their rough exterior in this song where the car is a vessel of love that can take you anywhere fast.

Honourable Mention: JCB Song by Nizlopi. It’s technically about a tractor, but tractors are kind of similar to cars, right? Right…? Besides, this song is just too good to exclude from any sort of automobile-music list.

These aren’t just my top five car songs, these are THE top five. Plus one extra, I mean. Songs about cars span every genre because they just inspire so many people. If cars were around in Beethoven’s day, you can guarantee there would be a symphony in D for Drive, with crescendo-ing piano music symbolising the speeding car.

What’s your favourite song about cars and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Harry Whiteman is an avid fan of cars and music thus he hugely enjoys music about cars. He dreams about owning a Porsche one day and enjoys sharing his interests by writing for Need to Sell My Car.