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When it comes to buying a new commercial vehicle you need to be sure you choose the right vehicle for you, whether you are looking for tractor units, rigids, trailers or plant machinery. With such a wide choice of manufacturers, styles and pricing it can sometimes be difficult knowing what the best option is. Before you start you need to be clear on what you exactly want. If you’re buying plant machinery, what do you need it for and what terrain will it be operating on, as this will dictate the size of the vehicle and the clearance / type of wheels. A new commercial vehicle can be one of the biggest expenses of a business and a depreciating asset. Whilst a commercial vehicle is an essential part of any commercial business the cost must never out way the benefit.

Should I Buy New?

With the credit crunch squeezing margins, many businesses are now opting for second hand vehicles as opposed to the inflated cost of a new vehicle. Buying a commercial vehicle second hand means you no longer lose out on the massive depreciation seen from taking delivery, with great savings available for nearly new vehicles. If you are looking to run a vehicle for three years before upgrading then the cost savings of buying one twelve months old to begin with can be substantial, especially when looking at a fleet of vehicles.


Rigids are available for a variety of uses. Dennis manufacturer a range of recycling trucks standing at 18 tonnes. Engines are powered by the Volvo D7E engine, producing 240 bhp, with an automatic gearbox. The vehicle is also flexible for a variety of recycling scenarios. Mercedes Benz is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles across vans, trucks and lorries. They also offer specialist vehicles such as the 18 tonne Atego refrigeration unit, allowing the transportation of chilled products. The Atego comes complete with a 230 bhp engine, with a 2004 model retailing for around £10,000. The 7.5 tonne range of commercial vehicles are a common feature on the road with a number of manufacturers competing including MAN and DAF. A five year old 7.5 tonne can set you back in the region of £11,000, which is considerably less than buying brand new and offering a significant cost advantage.


Trailers are available in a number of styles, from the standard flat bed to insulated refrigeration boxes. A five year old M&G skeletal trailer can cost as little as £7,000 whilst a seven year old refrigeration box will set you back £9,000.

Sophie works alongside and understands the many benefits of choosing a quality used commercial vehicle over a brand new alternative.