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While there are various reasons why you might want to buy a used car rather than a brand-new one, you only have two options from where you can purchase it. You can either get it from a used car dealership or from a private seller. You can find private sellers through advertisements or you could type in used car dealerships near me in a search engine and find all the available options. If you decide to buy from a used car dealership, here are some of the benefits you will get:

You will be able to get wider buying choices

When you buy from a private seller, you are restricted to buying the model they have on offer. On the other hand, most used car dealerships will have an extensive collection of used vehicles in their inventory. You will be able to check out a range of current and past car models and even now discontinued ones. The wider choice means you can get vehicles with better mileage and features and for a range of prices. That will make it easier to find a used car that meets your requirements and budget.

You will be able to purchase certified pre-owned cars

Many car manufacturers team up with car dealer franchises to offer certified pre-owned cars for purchase. These usually include late models with low mileage and no history of any major damages, and which have undergone a thorough professional inspection and have been revamped with any necessary mechanical and cosmetic alterations. The certified pre-owned cars also come with extended warranties with many of the features that you would get with a warranty for a brand-new vehicle. You may have to pay a slightly higher price for such cars, but they will prove to be worth it in the long run.

You will be able to get many extra options

There are many extra options like new wheels, tire rotations, or oil changes that you can get from a used car dealership. When you buy a used vehicle from them, the dealer may also offer to extend the existing manufacturer warranty. They may also upgrade the sound system and air conditioning for you, revamp the engine, and remove the curb rash from the wheels.

You will be able to get reliable and dependable service

The main reason for using the ‘used car dealerships near me’ search term is to find reliable and dependable dealers in your area. As they have a reputation to maintain in the business, they will offer you excellent customer service. That includes giving you the correct information about the vehicle you are interested in, answering your questions about the vehicle, and allowing you to take it for a pre-purchase inspection from an independent mechanic.

They will also handle the ownership, title transfer, and car registration paperwork for you, and, furthermore, will be willing to offer you after-sale mechanical services. So, if anything goes wrong with your used car, you can take it back to the dealership and count on their help in getting the necessary repairs or part replacements. It can take a considerable amount of pressure off you when you know you have someone to rely on when you run into problems.

You will be able to get assistance with financing the used car

If you need financing assistance, the used car dealership can offer you financing options of their own or point you towards trustworthy lending companies. Given their long experience in the business, used car dealerships know how to value a car and place an accurate price on it. Due to that, lending institutions are more willing to work with them, and you will be able to secure a car loan for reasonable interest rates. If you are buying a certified pre-owned car, you could even get a lower interest rate than what is typically available for used cars or even some new cars.

As you see, there are definite advantages to buying from used car dealerships that you wouldn’t get if you purchased your vehicle from a private seller. On the flip side, you might encounter higher prices or distracting sales pitches. Consider all the pros and cons carefully before selecting your option.