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Car covers in general are a great way to protect your car from a number of threats including the weather, keys and burglars however, waterproof car covers add a little extra protection.

If you don’t have a garage then a car cover is the only way that you can preserve the look of your car. You may not realise it but nature can cause a lot of damage to you prize possession and it will have a much shorter life if you don’t protect it properly.

Firstly, sunlight can have a really bad effect on your car, the ultra violet rays that the sun releases not only lead to fading paintwork but it can also affect your upholstery inside. If you have a leather interior it causes it to lose shine and age much quicker than a shaded car and if you have a fabric interior it will fade much quicker than usual.

The rain and snow are particularly bad for vehicles; the moisture build up can cause corrosion over time. If your car is constantly exposed to rain then parts and the body work will start to rust much faster than would be expected. If some of the paintwork starts to come off your car and water gets trapped inside then the paint will start to separate from the car’s body and eventually peel off completely.

Dust is another demon when it comes to moisture. There are constantly little specks of dust all over your car and as they accumulate they cause more corrosion than anything else.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind but car covers can also protect your car from the prying eyes of burglars. If a burglar can’t see inside a car then they’re less likely to try and break in as there’s only a chance that there’s something valuable inside. A burglar always aims to work quickly too and a car cover can prevent them from doing this.

In order to prevent this kind of underlying damage waterproof car covers are essential; although any car cover will protect your car from the sun’s rays, sap from the trees and any little presents a bird decides to leave for you, they don’t stop the moisture from seeping through. An important thing to look at when buying your waterproof car cover is the material that it’s made from; waterproof car covers are made to prevent rain, snow and any other forms of moisture from reaching the surface of your car. However, if the material that your car cover is made from is not breathable then it can become a moisture trap and trap moisture underneath the cover on the surface of your car.

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