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If you only tend to take your car out on the weekends, what are the best to choose from?

For those of us who do not have to drive to get to work, often our car will sit in the garage or on the street Monday to Friday patiently waiting for the weekend to be taken out for a spin. Which leads to the question, if you do only drive your car on the weekend, what kind should you actually buy in the first place?

In fairness, this depends on what you are using your car for when it comes to the weekend! Take for example, anyone who loves to take their car on long road trips to explore the UK. Surely for a drive such as this, it would be an added thrill to feel the wind in your hair? This would almost certainly be the case if you were driving through a seaside town, or perhaps in the countryside where the air is likely to be far more pleasant than in the middle of the city. It goes without saying then, that a convertible would be just the car for the job. And you should be able to find one that fits the bill regardless of your budget with most major car manufacturers producing one.

Examples of popular convertibles in the United Kingdom include the Mazda MX-5, the Audi TT and the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster. These three very different convertibles come in three very different price ranges and definitely show that you could own one even if money isn’t bursting out of your wallet. However, any of them would be more than suited to cruising around with the top down! Of course, some of us may only use a car on the weekend for doing the food shopping and running the kids to their various social engagements. If that is the case, then you would definitely benefit from a more practical and spacious car. Family saloons such as the Skoda Superb, BMW 3 Series and the Ford Mondeo would be ideal choices.

If you only run your car on the weekend due to financial constraints, you would definitely benefit from a more reliable and fuel efficient automobile. While the initial outlay could potentially be more expensive, you should see the benefit in the long run. And although the debate over which cars are the most reliable, in terms of fuel efficiency you may want to consider a hybrid which could also save you money on road tax.

Taking your car out only one the weekend isn’t for everyone however those of us that do will almost certainly agree in noticing a difference in fuel costs, wear and tear and it could also have a great effect on your insurance in that your premium may not be as high is your car is kept at home through the week and if there are other cars in your household you could even opt for multicar insurance. This of course, also depends on where the car is kept and how many miles you rack up over the weekend but it is safe to say you should see a financial saving.