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There have long been debates about the validity of the claim that men are better drivers than women. That being said, has created an infographic that addresses this very issue of Boys v Girls driving.

Of the 772,551 drivers tests taken by men drivers in 2011, 383,417 were passed giving boy drivers a 49.6% pass rate.
Of the 833,040 tests taken by lady drivers, 360,639 were passed resulting in a success rate of only 43.3%. This is not something to get female drivers discouraged however as drivers always learn with time.

In a test conducted following 2500 drivers as they attempted to park females attained a 92% speed of finding a space while boys only attained a 64%. 56% of females were willing to “shuffle” the car while only 29% of males were willing to do the same. Females scored a 56% on their central end position within the parking space while men only scored 25%. The speed of manoeuvre may be to blame for the low scores on the male side as on average it only took them 16 seconds to park while it took females approximately 21 seconds. Overall, females received 13.4 while males only got 12.3.

In the tie breaker, car accident data was researched to determine what number of girl drivers v. male drivers were involved in serious car accidents. Researchers compared the number of miles that both males and females travel against the number of accident involvements that both incurred. Males were involved in 33,733 accidents in a combined 1,324,373,970,682 miles while females were involved in 14,633 accidents in 847,734,931,097 miles. The resulting averages were females with 1.7 accidents and males with 2.5 accidents. Overall, the data suggests that women are better drivers per the tests and studies that were conducted and researched. However, there are more women drivers in the UK than males and these drivers do tend to drive less each year than their male counterparts.

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