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When choosing to take out a long-term business or personal lease, cars that can best hold their value in, say, three years time should be at the forefront of your final choice – as the better a car holds its long-term value, the lower its monthly price is.

Here we will look at the top 5 cars which best held their value in 2012 – and can be considered a great choice for a leased vehicle.

5. Range Rover Sport

The luxury-type SUV has been in production since 2005 and has achieved consistent sales figures, whilst also receiving numerous accolades.

The standard model comes equipped with electric leather seats, parking sensors, alloys and a Harmon Kardon stereo – all ensuring that you would be leasing a high-quality vehicle.

As the look of the Range Rover Sport suggests, the vehicle would be suited for long-term rural business use, although it would be just as good for inner-city businesses and personal use.

Leasing a Range Rover Sport will allow you access to a vehicle possessing Land Rover’s patented ‘Terrain Response’ system, which is fitted as standard on all models of the car. If you are a rural-driver, especially, then the ‘Terrain Response’ system will allow you to adjust chassis and transmission settings to suit the terrain that you are driving on.

The aforementioned system features five settings that are available via a rotary knob on the centre console. The settings include general driving; grass, gravel, snow; mud and ruts; sand and, finally, rock crawl.

In terms of how the car held its value in 2012, the Range Rover Sport managed to keep 66.39% of its value, which makes it a perfect car to lease and why it managed to make the top 5 for 2012.

4. Land Rover Discovery

If you are looking to lease a strong and reliable vehicle, then the Land Rover Discovery is one of the best options available.

Receiving worldwide acclaim since its inception in 1989, the Land Rover Discovery is an off-road-orientated SUV that can seat seven adults with ease, as well as featuring numerous additions – all ensuring that the Discovery is a vehicle worth leasing.

As with the previously-listed Range Rover Sport, the Land Rover Discovery is suited to long-term rural business use, especially any off-road use. However, this vehicle can also be seen in city environments so you too would not look out-of-place if you took out a LeasePlan Go lease for this vehicle.

In terms of the car’s features, the standard model of the Discovery comes equipped with air-conditioning, Bluetooth and keyless entry. Upgrading to the more expensive versions will add additional features such as cruise control, heated leather seats and a powerful Harmon stereo system.

The Land Rover Discovery manages to hold its value well year after year, so it’s no surprise that the Discovery managed to retain 67.58% of its original price in 2012. Again, just as in the case of the Range Rover Sport, this figures proves that the Discovery is a perfect car to lease.

3. Skoda Yeti

Another SUV makes the top 5 list and this time, it’s the five-door, five-seater Skoda Yeti. Released in 2005, the compact SUV managed to hold 72.46% of its original price in 2012, which is brilliant especially for an already inexpensive car – both to buy and own.

Utilising a LeasePlan Go Skoda Yeti lease will allow you to take home a vehicle with substantially reduced tax costs when compared to the aforementioned Land Rover models. The Skoda Yeti falls within the tax band C-J, whereas the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Discovery fall under tax band L and over.

With a tall, wide body, featuring lots of head and shoulder room, as well as plentiful legroom, the Skoda Yeti is perfect for those looking to lease a family-sized car. With the addition of a big boot and foldable rear seats, the Yeti further enhances its reputation of a competitively-valued family car.

Although marketed primarily at families, businesses looking to take out a Skoda Yeti business lease will not be disappointed, as the extra room and comfort go a long way to increasing the satisfaction of employees and partners.

Entry-level models of the Skoda Yeti feature remote locking, electric front windows and air-conditioning, with upgraded models featuring additions such as dual-zone climate control, parking sensors and a multi-function steering wheel.

2. Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is a highly reliable vehicle that has been produced since 2008. Thanks to its space and quality, the Audi Q5 has been called ‘one of the best cars in its class’.

Managing to retain 73.18% of its original price in 2012, the Audi Q5 is able to justify some of the awards it has received over the years, such as winning a ‘best small 4×4’ in 2011. With a LeasePlan Go personal or business lease, you are able to drive an award-winning vehicle that will manage to consistently hold its price over the next few years.

As this car has primarily been marketed as a family car, rest assured that EuroNCAP has awarded the Audi Q5 a five-star rating for overall safety. Coupled with this is the high volume of space within the Q5 which allows generous space for adults as well as a large capacity for luggage.

The standard edition of the Audi Q5 comes equipped with leather seats, three-zone climate control and 18-inch alloys, amongst others. Calling this the ‘basic’ version is actually an injustice to the Audi Q5 as you will receive more than with other vehicles.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Topping off the list is the powerful Toyota Land Cruiser, which managed to retain 73.36% of its original price in 2012.

As with the aforementioned Land Rover vehicles, the Toyota Land Cruiser is suited to long-term rural business use, especially any off-road use as the Land Cruiser excels in this area. Just as with the Land Rovers as well, the Toyota Land Cruiser would not look out-of-place in a city environment, thanks to its sleek design.

The standard edition of the Land Cruiser features alloy wheels, Bluetooth and climate control, whereas the more expensive versions add desirable extras such as electric seat controls, leather trims and a satellite-navigation system.

Any family-minded individual will not only love the amount of space that the Toyota Land Cruiser offers, but also the fact that the vehicle offers high-levels of safety and security. With seven airbags (including one for the driver’s knees), stability control and deadlocks just being some of the safety and security features, you can rest assured that you will feel safe on board a Land Cruiser.

Written by Ant Bradshaw. LeasePlan Go is a division of the world’s largest vehicle management and leasing provider, LeasePlan UK Ltd and part of the LeasePlan Corporation NV.