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Driving is one of the most efficient ways that humans use to travel today, but it can also become a dangerous adventure if you are not careful. Many people, even experienced drivers, can make common mistakes while driving that impedes traffic, or, if the worst-case scenario happens, cause accidents. Any mistake that you make while on the road can potentially affect the lives of other people; you must make sure that you avoid making common mistakes at all costs or your insurance rates will skyrocket and you may even ruin someone’s life. The following is a list of the five most common mistakes people make while driving an automobile and tips on how to avoid committing these mistakes.

Driving While Under the Influence

Alcohol and driving are the perfect combination for a disaster. Whenever you drink alcohol, your mind becomes a bit softened to the natural dangers of driving and you cannot think quite as clearly; you make mistakes that you normally would not have if you were sober. In order to prevent this, try to have a designated driver, someone who does not drink, drive you home if you plan on drinking at a party. Or even better yet, do not drink at all if you plan on driving home.

Using Your Cell Phone

As with alcohol, texting or making a phone call while driving can lead to various disasters. When you use your cell phone while driving, your mind is not focused on the road; driving requires a lot of focus in order for you to be drive safely, and if you are busy chatting with your friends to texting about when you are going to go home, it can lead to a horrific accident. The solution to this is simple. Do not use your cell phone while driving; the call can wait until you are done.

Stopping Before Turning

Despite the fact that stopping before turning is one of the most basic principles of driving, people often tend to skip this important step because they are in a hurry or because they simply do not care. You must look before you turn; often, there are cars just outside your peripheral vision that you cannot see while making a turn, and if you crash into them, it can lead to serious consequences. Simply slow down at a turn, stop, and look both ways before making the turn. If you are a little careful, you can prevent a disaster.

Swerving Through Traffic

When people are in a hurry, many other cars seem like they are going dreadfully slow. Swerving through different lanes on a busy intersection or on a highway is extremely dangerous; you must be extremely diligent of your surroundings at all times when swerving, and if you are in a hurry, you simply might not pay enough attention to the car right next to you. Make sure to keep in your lane and do not switch lanes until you need to.

Driving Without Your Lights On During Rain

Vision is the most important aspect of driving, and when it is raining, that vision is hampered. Many people make the mistake of not turning their car headlights on while driving through the rain, which can lead to a sticky situation due to how limited you are in seeing other cars around you. Always make sure to turn your car headlights on while driving in rainy situations.

Driving safely is one of the most important responsibilities to make sure you keep in life. At any moment, an accident can happen, so make sure to follow avoid these common mistakes and you will save yourself and your wallet some trouble.

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