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As you’re driving down the road some days, you likely see people engaging in an array of foolish activities. We’re not just talking about looking silly or foolish though; we’re talking about actions that are downright dangerous. What are some of the most stupid things that people do when they’re driving?

Drinking Alcohol

You’d think that no one would think it’s okay to drive down the road and consume an alcoholic beverage at the same time; however, most would be shocked to find out how many people actually engage in this practice. Not only does drunk driving cause so many accidents and deaths every year, but drinking while driving just makes the driver drunker as he or she goes.

Sending Text Messages

It’s practically unbelievable that anyone thinks it’s safe to text while driving. Yes, it’s true that one of the problems is the person is thinking about another topic or subject and not focusing all of his or her attention on driving. However, the most significant issue is that the driver isn’t looking at the road! It’s impossible to text and look at the road at the same time, so the driver is just putting so many lives at risk by doing this.

Reading or Studying

When students are racing to school and haven’t studied for their big exam, they think that the drive to school would be a perfect time in which to do so. Once again, if you’re reading while you are driving, then your eyes cannot possibly be focused on the road. You could hit an object, strike a person, crash into another car or go driving off a ditch and fall to your death because you weren’t looking at where you were going.

Cell Phone Chatting

While talking on the cell phone is generally not as dangerous as texting, it is still a huge risk. Answering a phone generally requires looking away from the road for at least a second or two, and then you are holding up a cell phone while attempting to steer the car. Your attention is also taken away from the task at hand. Fortunately, many newer car models allow people to answer the phone and talk through the radio, so they can communicate without putting themselves into such a dangerous scenario.

Personal Grooming

It’s true that the car mirror gives you a great look at yourself, but you simply should not be applying foundation, putting on lipstick, tweezing your eyebrows or wiping your nose when you’re driving. Wait until you are parked in the parking lot if you absolutely must use the car mirror for these personal care endeavors.

People engage in a lot of stupid and foolish behaviors when they are operating a vehicle. They look ridiculous when they are taking part in these acts, and they are also posing a fatal threat to themselves, their passengers and any other cars around them.

Nathan Drewe is a driving enthusiast that has been driving through his daily routine for many years. In this time he has seen numerous drivers performing unsafe acts whilst in control of their motor vehicles creating hesitant and unsafe roads. Some have caused harmful road accidents and even some fatal extremities. Nathan secured his driver’s license from My driving School in Brisbane and found them to deliver expertise and important knowledge to their learner drivers.