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When it comes to driving, safety is a top priority, and car manufacturers are well aware that a car that isn’t safe won’t sell well, whereas a car that is safe, stable, strong, and secure will entice more consumers to splurge on it.

When investing into a new vehicle, it is important to look at everything the car has to offer, including how comfortable you feel in it as a driver. Don’t just look at what kind of stereo system is included or what other high-tech luxury features stand out. Instead, look at the whole package, but pay extra attention to its safety features. This is especially true if you are in the market for a new car that your teen will be driving, since the odds of teens getting into accidents before they hit the age of 20 are higher than for older adults.

If you are confused about the latest high-tech safety features being included in many of today’s cars, this article will clarify their meanings and help you narrow down your search for the perfect ride.

Automatic Braking

A form of radar is installed into the front of the car, and when it sees that you are getting too close to an object or car in front of you, it will actually brake on its own, preventing a collision before it happens or, at the very least, lessening the impact of the collision.

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced visibility includes adaptive headlights, which turn as your car turns around curves, so that you have greater visibility of what is ahead of you. Another feature included in this category is infrared night vision, which can actually see beyond the reach of your headlights at night so that you will not be surprised by unexpected obstacles in your way.

Lane Departure Warning

Using technology such as radar and infrared, your car will be able to alert you if it senses that you are falling out of your lane while on the road. It will beep loudly and a light will flash, or your steering wheel may even vibrate, in order to alert you to focus on the road and get back into the proper lane to avoid accidents and collisions.

Forward Collision Avoidance

These pre-crash warning systems are incredible features that can prevent accidents and collisions in any vehicle that has them installed. The car warns the driver with loud sounds or visual clues if he is about to crash into something in front of him. This gives the driver the opportunity to apply the brakes, but when combined with automatic braking systems, forward collision avoidance systems are even better. Some advanced systems can even move headrests and seats to avoid bodily injury in the event of a crash.


Rear view cameras are great, especially for SUVs and trucks, which are higher and limit the visibility of objects behind the trunk. The camera shows the driver exactly what is going on behind the vehicle, making backing up or parallel parking so much easier. The video can display on the car’s dashboard or its rear view mirror.

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