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Any auto owner knows that basic maintenance services should never be overlooked or postponed. Doing so will only force you to spend more money down the road or cause irreversible and permanent damage to your vehicle, which you rely on so heavily. When considering your car’s necessary maintenance, oil changes and proper tire inflation are usually the first services that come to mind. However, you may not be aware of other services that need your attention as well. The following tips along with finding a reliable auto repair facility will help you stay on top of your vehicle’s needs, so you get the most out of your automotive investment.

We greatly depend on our vehicles to help us get through life. Whether we’re running the carpool, or camping in the great outdoors, our cars are there to get us from one place to the next. In return, we show our appreciation by staying on top of scheduled oil changes, coolant flushes, and strive to maintain proper fluid levels. However, there are a few services you may not be including in your usual maintenance routine.

Most automakers recommend replacing spark plugs at around 100,000 miles, with some needing replacement even sooner. If you aren’t sure if you’re in need of new spark plugs, talk to an ASE certified technician at your reliable repair facility, and they will be able to give you their professional recommendation. Your cabin’s air filter can also be easily overlooked or forgotten. Just like the heating and cooling system in your home, your vehicle’s air filter also prevents dust and debris from passing through to passengers. To improve the quality of air your breathing, be sure to replace your filters on an annual basis.

Is your car equipped with ventilated seats? If you do have this built-in heating and cooling system you may appreciate this technology, but might not be aware that they actually have a filter within the ventilation system itself. If you don’t replace it on a periodic basis it will accumulate so much debris that it will no longer circulate through the seat.

You’re a dedicated vehicle owner and know that maintaining proper fluids is vital your car’s livelihood, but when was the last time you replaced your gear box fluid? Your vehicle’s gearbox, also known as the differential, contains heavy lubricating oil that will wear over time. If you drive a larger SUV or pickup and are frequently hauling and towing things than you’ll want to visit a professional auto repair shop and they will be able to recommend proper replacement intervals.

These are just a few services that drivers may overlook and I recommend consulting your ASE certified technician who can help explain and outline the best preventative maintenance plan for your particular vehicle. Having your vehicle thoroughly inspected by these knowledgeable mechanics will help extend the life of your vehicle that you rely on so heavily.