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Did you know that car accidents happen every five seconds? Luckily you can significantly decrease your chances of getting involved in an accident by allow plenty of braking distance, avoiding distractions and getting your vehicle serviced regularly.

Allow Enough Room To Brake

One of best ways to drive defensively is to leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the one in front of you. This will allow for plenty of room to brake in case of an emergency situation. Many drivers get aggravated during rush hour and will ride up close to the bumper in front of them. Others will tailgate as a way to intimidate the driver in front to drive faster or move over. These are all dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to disaster.

No Distractions

One of the key factors to avoiding car accidents is to pay attention and be alert when behind the wheel. The biggest distraction for many drivers is texting and talking on the phone while driving. Some states such as California have outlawed cell phone use while driving. Instead drivers are allowed to use Bluetooth headsets which allow the driver to have a phone conversation while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. However, even Bluetooth may be distracting to some drivers. Personally I find it difficult to concentrate on a conversation while driving at the same time. Distractions aren’t just about cell phone usage either. Fumbling with the radio and audio controls or navigation system can also be distracting. Kids can also be distracting. Another major distracting is eating while driving; sudden stops can cause you to spill drink or food. The bottom line is that driving is a serious responsibility and it’s important to minimize exterior distractions as much as possible.

Regular Maintenance

Regular and maintenance will help decrease the chances of accidents and mishaps due to mechanical problems. It’s important to check tire pressure on a regular basis and to have them rotated in order to ensure even wear. Tires also need to be changed as needed; it is extremely dangerous to drive on tires with low tread. Driving on bald tires can lead to spin outs and loss of control of the vehicle.

Avoid Speeding

Its physics; the force and impact of an accident will affect the human body that much more if the vehicle is traveling at a faster speed. Many accidents occur due to exterior factors but speed is one that can be controlled by the driver. Simply leave extra early so you don’t end up having to speed.

In the best case scenario, car accidents may result in car damage that can be easily fixed by car repair or body shops. The worst case scenario can mean serious injury and fatalities. Taking safety precautions and driving defensively can go a long way when it comes to avoiding accidents.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Carland Service offers Honda and Acura car service and body shop deals in Atlanta, GA.