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Want to sell your used car and make some quick cash? It’s easier than ever to do so nowadays thanks to Craigslist. The keys to a quick sale include high quality images, asking for the right price and maybe even uploading a Youtube video of the car in question. Here are a few tips to help you sell a used vehicle.

Images Are Key

Online classified websites are a whole different ballgame from the traditional newspapers. One of the main advantages of advertising on sites like Craigslist is that you can post a large number of images. Craigslist itself allows 4 images but you have the option to provide a link to your own site or page where you can have the images hosted. Make sure to take photos of the interior as well as exterior. The main advantage of selling a used car on Craigslist is that it’s free plus the ads generally get posted within a few minutes.

Try A Youtube Video

One way to make your ad stand out from the rest is to create a video of your vehicle and post it on Youtube. You can then link to the video from your Craigslist ad. Many cameras come with a recorder that will allow you to shoot footage as well.

Description Counts

Make sure to write a detailed description about your used car. Make sure to include important specs such as engine type, mileage, VIN #, options and features.  Make your ad as appealing as possible. Some people will post ads that are basic while others will inject a ton of personality and write some outlandish stuff. The choice is yours! If you’ve run a Carfax report you may want to include the details in your ad.

Price It Right

You can find the value of your car by checking out Kelly Blue Book. Factors such as condition and mileage all play a role when it comes to determining blue book value. Used cars that are priced accordingly will sell faster than those that are priced too high.

Clean It Up

This goes without saying but make sure to clean up your car before you take photos and show it to prospective buyers. You might be able to fetch a better price for your used car if you get it waxed and buffed beforehand as well. A good wax job can get rid of swirls in the paint and make your car look almost new.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Dave Sinclair Ford offers a large selection of used Ford vehicles in the St Louis, MO area.