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Rio Grande, Texas is a great place for people, but its climate is hard-on cars. Routine maintenance at your local Ford service center is always important, but in our area, it is critical. Hot summers and dry, dusty air can take a harsh toll on a poorly maintained vehicle, causing slow, steady damage and decreasing performance and efficiency. So, as easy as it is to let routine maintenance slip through the cracks, the costs of neglect can be high, resulting in higher repair bills, shorter vehicle lifespan and increased fuel consumption. The top five ways to save money on your car are:

Oil Changes

Texas engines really feel the heat, with summer temperatures often reaching the triple digits. Clean engine oil is essential to counteract that stress, reducing friction between the many delicate engine parts for reduced wear and cooler, more efficient operation. Oil changes should be done at manufacturer recommended intervals, which can range from every 3,000 miles to every 7,500 depending upon the make and model of your vehicle. Keeping up with this task will save you money on fuel and extend the life of your engine.

Air Filter Maintenance

Dust is in the air in Texas all the time, and a dirty air filter can allow it to get inside your engine. Those fine particles are abrasive, wearing away at engine parts. Ensuring that the air filter is changed on schedule is crucial to maintain engine performance, and in our dry, dusty climate, checking it more often than recommended may be necessary to keep your engine protected.

Transmission Service

Having your transmission serviced regularly is important to vehicle efficiency as well. A dirty, sluggish transmission can cost you in performance and fuel mileage, and running your vehicle in that condition in the Texas heat is sure to lead to expensive transmission repairs.

Tire Maintenance

Keeping your tires properly inflated makes a big difference in fuel mileage, so check them often. Keeping your front end properly aligned and your tires rotated on schedule will extend tire life, postponing the need for replacement.

Brake Maintenance

Poorly maintained brakes can cost you, so make sure you know how often they should be serviced. Leaving those brake pads too long can cause damage to rotors, calipers and other expensive parts, turning a routine brake job into a much more costly repair.

For most of us, our vehicles are quite an investment. Routine maintenance is the best means of protecting that investment. So give your Ford service center a call to work out a solid maintenance schedule for your vehicle, then make following that schedule a priority. Doing so will benefit your bottom line as much as it benefits your vehicle.

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