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Being stranded in your car is a scary experience, especially for lone females. Being stuck in an isolated place with no transport is really worrying for anyone, particularly at night. You are in considerable danger and the feeling of panic is enough to cause you nightmares for weeks afterwards. It is an unpleasant but sometimes unavoidable situation to be in, but it pays to have your wits about you and have a plan ready for if it happens to you. You can do a few things that can make the experience more bearable, so have a little think about what you’d do if you were stranded. Here are our tips for avoiding being stranded and what to do if you are:

Firstly – Avoid Being Stranded!

Choose sensible routes that are well-populated and easy to get to. Make sure your car is safe and legal before you set off – if you know it’s likely to breakdown do something about it first. Don’t ever put yourself in risky situations when there is something you could have done about it yourself.

Get Covered

Having breakdown cover is the single most important thing you can do to make sure you are covered in the event of a breakdown. Choose your service provider carefully and opt for the highest level of cover. It may still take them a few hours to reach you if you are in a particularly isolated place but at least you’ll know that help is on its way. Have their number handy and always make sure your mobile phone’s battery is charged.

Spread the Word

If you are stuck and you have mobile signal then let as many people know as possible. Tell your friends and family – someone might be in a position to help. Let people know what time to expect you if you are heading to them – they can raise the alarm if you don’t turn up. It’s worth letting the police know too – tell them help is on its way but that you are in a potentially dangerous situation. They’ll know to act on any further calls they get from you straight away. Give them as much information as possible such as your exact location, when you expect help to arrive and what you have with you to keep warm and safe.

Bring Supplies

A few choice items stashed away in the trunk may come in handy one day. Every car should carry a blanket to keep you warm if you are stuck and perhaps a few extra layers and some boots. You should always have a first aid kit and some basic tools to fix common problems such as a screwdriver and a jack. You should always travel with a spare tyre in case of puncture or a blow-out. You should also have some food and drink to keep you going if you have a long wait ahead of you.

Taking a few precautions is all it takes to avoid being stranded altogether. And making sure you are prepared for such an eventuality will give you peace of mind. If you are ever stuck you’ll be glad you got organised!


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