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There are several rites of passage that we go through as we turn from a child into an adult. The first is puberty, the second is having your heart broken for the first time and the third is owning your first car. Once you are behind the wheel something changes, you become a true individual able to go wherever you want whenever you want without having to stand in the cold and wait for a bus that never comes, or walking for miles in the wind and rain. Now you can take your car. Other things change too, things that you may not have expected but from now on you can be sure that people are going to treat you differently.

Grateful Friends

Friends that you don’t generally spend time with will want to be with you more because you can take them places that their other friends can’t. They will offer to buy you a coffee, cover the cost of your lunch and generally fawn all over you because you have something that they do not, transport. It sounds a little mercenary but it’s true, you are their ticket out of the bus stop and to where they want to be, and they are going to be the best friends that you could ever have, until of course they get transport of their own, then they will most probably forget you ever existed.

Cars Eat Money

If you were mistakenly under the impression that cars ate petrol or diesel along with the occasional bit of oil, you are in for a shock. Once you own a car you will be shocked to discover that they actually run on cash, and lots of it. You may have budgeted for your car insurance and your weekly fuel, but what you will not have taken into account is the cars sudden and immediate appetite for large amounts of cash, which you are generally required to pay to a man in oily overalls who makes long intakes of breath through his teeth whenever the price of a much needed car repair is discussed. You are generally required to find these large sums of money without any prior warning in order to keep your standard of living the way that you like it.

You Will Form a Relationship With Your Car

Some people talk to their pets, some people talk to their computer screens, you will start talking to your car. You will find yourself begging with it, pleading with it and promising it all kinds of things just so it starts when you want it to and takes you to where you need to be. When you go shopping you will find yourself ‘buying things for the car’, you will start saying thank you to it when it starts on cold mornings, promise it a wash and valet providing it starts first time when you have in interview on an important date, and most importantly of all, you will give it a name.

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