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Modern vehicles have highly sophisticated, engineered systems which may be intimidating for the average driver. Here are a few tips that will keep you from being fooled or misled when having your vehicle serviced, so you can protect your automotive investment.

There are certain things that should always be included in an estimate. Make sure that it identifies all the parts that will be used in the repair, as well as the estimated labor charge. Once you have this signed estimate in your possession, keep track of it. Make sure that the shop calls you if they will be exceeding the specified amount of time and money listed on the estimate.

Post repair
A completed repair order should be given to you after the repairs are finished. This should describe the work that has been done. It should also list the parts supplied, cost of each part, and labor charges. There should be an odometer reading from when the vehicle entered the shop and when the repair order was prepared.

What part don’t you understand? Here are some things you should know when having parts replaced or repaired in your vehicle:

New auto parts are generally made to original manufacturer’s specifications, either by the vehicle manufacturer or an independent company. Depending on your state, the repair shop is required to notify you if non-original equipment will be used in the repair. If you are looking for reliable Lincoln car repair make sure that they have ASE Certified technicians working in their shop.

Remanufactured, rebuilt and reconditioned parts generally mean the same thing. It means that the parts have undergone restoration and are in good working order. Make sure your shop informs you of their warranty and if labor charges are covered as well. Most manufacturer warranties cover replacement parts, but not the labor involved in the install.

If your mechanic informs you that salvaged parts can be used for your repairs then they have been stripped from another vehicle without alteration. Sometimes, mechanics have to use salvaged parts because this is the only source for a specific item needed. In this situation, reliability is rarely guaranteed.