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Dodge vehicles are synonymous with quality. Whether you drive a Dodge car, truck, or van, chances are you get behind the wheel with a smile on your face every day thanks to the sportiness, safety, and efficiency that the Dodge brand provides. Not only do Dodge drivers look good cruising down the highway in their Dodge, but they save a good deal of money on gasoline thanks to the Chrysler Group’s fuel efficiency technology. Should trouble ever arise on the road in the form of an accident, Dodge drivers can rest assured that they will stay as safe as possible. However, even the best vehicles need repairs and maintenance from time to time, and when that time comes, it is important to do things the right way. Below are three reasons why Dodge drivers should have their Dodges worked on at official Dodge dealers, rather than at third-party auto body shops.


1. Quality Parts

Whether your Dodge vehicle needs a mechanical part like a new carburetor or fuel pump or aesthetic Dodge auto body parts like a fresh fender- taking your car or truck to an official Dodge dealership means that you can get official Dodge parts. Official parts are usually of a much higher quality than aftermarket parts and will be the best choice for your vehicle in terms of compatibility, appearance, and performance. Why pay to have a shoddy replacement part installed when you can have the real thing straight from the source?

2. Expert Technicians

The employees and mechanics at Dodge dealerships have the highest level of training and expertise. Sure, your local independent mechanic might be a great guy, but nothing beats an auto technician who has undergone extensive training and manufacturer certification in order to specialize in a particular brand of vehicle. Having your Dodge vehicle worked on by employees who deal with Dodges on a regular basis and know the ins and outs of these cars and trucks is a great way to ensure a job well done.

3. Affordable Prices

Auto parts aren’t cheap, especially when they’re high-quality, but by visiting your area Dodge dealership, you can rest assured that you’ll get a great deal on everything from Dodge auto body parts to regular maintenance and oil changes. Dodge dealerships can get their hands on the parts your car needs more easily than run-of-the-mill mechanics and auto body shops can, and those connections translate to lower prices on Dodge parts. Of course, buying third-party or aftermarket parts from another source is always an option, but there’s nothing better than official Dodge parts at an affordable price.

When it comes time for your Dodge to head in for maintenance, repairs, or auto body work, be sure to make the smart choice by visiting the nearest Dodge dealership.


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