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This is a situation that you might have experienced: You are driving down the road behind a semi-truck or other large vehicle, and suddenly a rock from that vehicle flies and strikes the middle of the windshield. Like most people, you might think this is nothing but a minor annoyance and so you do not address the issue right away. Over time the windshield becomes weaker and weaker, with the cracks slowly spreading throughout the glass. By the time you realize that you have a serious problem, it is too late, and so the windshield has to be replaced instead of repaired. When it comes to windshields, you need to make sure that you handle all damage in a timely manner, or the problem will spiral out of control. Here are three reasons why windshield repair cannot wait.


When the damage is small, and the area contained, it is very easy to come and use a resin or other on the spot fix to repair the damage. Typically this costs between $40-50, depending on whether or not you go to the shop or they have to come to you. This type of repair will seal the windshield and give it the same kind of structural integrity that it had before it was damaged, all with a cost hundreds of dollars less than replacing the entire windshield. The longer you wait, the more likely it will be that the windshield has to be fully replaced.


When the damage is more extensive, it will be necessary to replace the windshield. There is a high cost to do that kind of work, but most insurance plans, other than bare bones liability coverage, have some kind of clause that covers damaged windshields. If you take your claim to the insurance company right after the damage occurs, you will be able to get the windshield replaced with very little hassle. On the other hand, if you wait, the insurance company will try to claim that the damage was preexisting or that the damage was caused by neglect on the part of the driver. In either of those cases the insurance company does not have to pay, so it is imperative that you make your claim as soon as you can.


If you cannot see out of your windshield, it is impossible to drive safely. As cracks in the windshield spread and branch out, they obscure you field of vision. Because the changes happen so slowly, you may not realize just how compromised your vision is until it is too late and you wind up injuring someone on the road. It is for this reason that most states will not grant an inspection sticker to a vehicle with large cracks on the windshield. The best thing that you can do for yourself and for others on the road is to make sure that the vehicle you drive is as safe as possible. If you cause serious injury or death because you were driving an unsafe vehicle, the law will be especially harsh towards you, and the penalties for your actions will be much more severe than if it had been an unpreventable accident.

It is important that windshields are repaired as soon as possible when damage is seen. The failure to do so will only cost you more money in the long run, and can have serious safety implications for you and other drivers around you.

I am Marcus Counsel, and I am writing this article as someone who made the mistake of driving with a damaged windshield. I thought the cracks were small and that I could see through the damage, but my field of vision was limited and I wound up causing an injury accident. I wrote this to talk to others about the dangers of driving with a damaged windshield. For busy people who need the repair company to come to them or who need a convenient location to their office, I recommend Auto Glass Fitters locations, which can be found at, to find a windshield repair company near you.