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No matter what age you are, certain safety efforts need to be made when you decide to learn how to ride a dirt bike or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Do not be fooled into thinking that learning will be easy or that you will avoid crashing or getting hurt, but with the proper equipment and dirt bike gear you can best protect yourself from getting seriously injured as you learn how to ride.

It Starts With the Bike

Rider Planet USA explains that the most disregarded way of preventing injury for new riders is the bike they are learning on. They explain that a new rider can easily be hurt if they are afraid of the bike, which is why you need a bike that is not too big and powerful for an inexperienced rider. Speaking with those who work at the shop when buying your bike can help ensure you are getting one that is appropriate for a new rider—there is plenty of time to move on to something a bit more powerful once you have better knowledge and handling of the bike.

Do Not Skimp on Safety – Wear Protective Gear Every Time

It is easy as you grasp a better understanding of how to ride to become complacent and believe you do not need to wear as much safety gear. This is a big mistake, as even the most seasoned riders can get significantly injured. No one is immune from accidents, and even the most careful of riders can have a slip up those results in a crash. You should always be wearing:

–          Helmet, one that comes around your jaw

–          Goggles

–          Neck brace

–          Chest protector

–          Knee braces

–          Boots

–          Proper clothing

–          Knee and elbow pads

–          Gloves

In addition to wearing the right gear, you should bring the right things with you when you go riding. Always have plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated, you will most likely be warm in your gear, so hydration is a must. Also, just in case, you should always have a basic first aid kit on hand should you fall or crash your bike.

Part of Learning is Making Mistakes

It is unlikely that right off the bat you will hop on the bike and ride off onto the course with no problem. The truth is you are going to fall, maybe even a lot. It is important that you learn how to fall correctly—yes, there is a right way to fall—to prevent injury as much as you can and always ensure you are wearing the right dirt bike gear before you go onto the course.

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