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Volkswagen is a precise piece of German automobile engineering. Volkswagen cars are considered by many to be the best in the world and some of the most prized cars for engine performance, looks and luxury.

If you are a Volkswagen owner there are some pointers to keep in mind while maintaining your car. Give your car a thorough servicing and inspect your automobile every few months to stay on top of maintenance requirements. Here is a list of basic maintenance procedures so that you have your car running efficiently at optimum performance. You can have this maintenance work carried out on your car at your local Volkswagen Service Center.

Keep Your Volkswagen Clean

Check your car for chunks of mud or dirt that can get lodged and attached to the underside of your chassis.  You can get rid of this by pressure spraying at a local car wash. After spraying your car with water, always be sure to have it dried. Rust that may form on the chassis must be properly taken care of and scraped off the car. The affected area should then be covered with a high grade primer. If the floor of your Volkswagen is metal, also add a coating of primer to prevent rusting and then replace the mat.

Have a Schedule

A schedule should be made that sets the date for oil change, brake wire replacement and carburetor cleaning. Keeping a schedule ensures that you do not miss a maintenance checkup and have your car properly serviced in a planned manner.

Oil Change

The importance of changing the oil in your car regularly cannot be stressed enough. A Volkswagen ideally requires oil changes only every 3000 miles, however you should check the oil levels of your car to be sure you are not running dry. A regular oil change keeps your engine running clean and cooled. Oil that has been used becomes dark and viscous; running your car without oil can cause serious damage. After every oil change you should also check the fan belt and air hoses for wear and tear.  Have professionals suck out the anti-freeze in the radiator tanks of your car and have it replaced once a year to keep your radiator running proficiently without any leaks.


Volkswagens are spacious and wide on the interior and have ample floor space. The mats and cushions in the car should be taken out and vacuumed. In addition seat cushions should be cleaned. Polish your car only every once a year and the same applies for the polishing of leather interior if necessary. You can have all the above maintenance worked on your car done at a Volkswagen Service Center.



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