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Knowing how to drive safely under any weather conditions is everyone’s responsibility if they choose to take advantage of their driving privileges. People who live places that see inclement weather conditions – such as ice, hail, sleet, or snow – in the winter time need to be careful. A big part of driving responsibly means making sure you know everything there is to know about defensive driving when the colder months come around. A course in good driving techniques can be an amazing help.

In the meantime, check out this useful infographic on how to drive safely during the winter no matter what the weather throws at you. Find out how you should handle situations that find your tires skidding. (Hint: there are different techniques to apply to both rear and front tires.) Learn how to pack an emergency kit to keep in your car all year round. Even pick up a helpful hint or two to remember the next time you find yourself stuck in a snow drift.

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Written by Pudgy and Punchy.