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Has your car got damaged in an accident? Does it no longer run and come to any use to you? Do not just let it gather rust while it is lying idle in your garage or backyard. Getting rid of your junk and non-repairable car is also a good way to clear up extra spaces which it had been taking. Moreover if you know the correct ways, selling your car can also prove to be a very profitable affair.

In countries like New Zealand, junk car removal for cash is highly profitable. Getting paid by the car scrap yards for selling your car for scrap metal or other various parts is a nice way to understand the value of your car. Therefore, it is advisable that you get the maximum value when you sell the car. Following are some tips that can come in handy while selling your car to a car scrap yard:

  • Title & Ownership: The title of the vehicle is extremely important while selling your car. Make sure you obtain it as every buyer will want to check and verify the authenticity of your car. If you are not the owner of the car, you must establish the car under your name as buyers tend to prefer buying from the owner himself.


  • Know about the Damage: You must have a very clear idea about the damage your car has. This will help you assess the condition of your car and let you deal with the buyers properly. Consider repairing some minor faults if it is not road worthy. Make sure that you drive the car to the scrap yard as they charge money for the towing services.


  • Get the Prices: Contact the scrap yards to know the price of your car. It is obvious that prices will vary from one yard to another; therefore you must go for the most suitable one. First look for a scrap yard near your location as a longer drive will cost you extra money. Know the make of your car and the degree of the damage to get the best possible price. There is numerous reputable car scrap yards in Hamilton, Christchurch and Nelson you can choose from.


  • Sell the Valuable Parts Individually: There are numerous parts in a car which do not lose their efficiency so fast and are also have a high price in the market. Before you carry the car or choose to have it towed to the scrap yard, make sure you remove these parts and sell them separately to get the maximum benefits. The catalytic convertor (found between the muffler and the engine) has the highest value among these parts. The spare tires, car battery, the engine and transmission system of a damaged vehicle for sale can also get you a satisfactory sum of in the market. Also make sure that you drain the fluids using a gas siphon.


  • Delivery: The scrap yards will pay you more if they do not have to tow your car. Carry all the important documents with you on the day you take the car to the scrap yard – mainly the title – you cannot sell the car without it.

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