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Whether you are looking to hire a chauffeur car for that special occasion, or starting up your own chauffeur car business, it pays to know what’s on the market, and how it is rated. So what are the best chauffeur cars available today?
‘What Car’ list the following as their top ten executive cars when it comes to reliability.
In first place they have the Mercedes Benz (06-09).
The next three spots go to Lexus with the following models.
Lexus lS (05)
Lexus GS (05-12)
and Lexus lS 999-05)
Jaguar XF (07) comes in fifth place, with Volvo taking the next two positions with their
S80 (06) model, and the V70 (07) model.
Eighth place goes to Lexus again, this time with the GS (97-05) range,
with Volvo coming back into the ratings in ninth position with the S60 (00-09).
Bringing up the rear, but still firmly rooted in the top ten is the BMW 3 Series (07- 120.
So that’s how ‘What Car’ sees it, but what about the people who are actually out there doing the driving?
Top Cars Chauffeurs feature Mercedes, with the S Series and the Vito Traveliner,
the BMW 7 Series, and the Jaguar XJ.
Williams Chauffeurs list the Chrysler 300c, and Mercedes S Class and E Class.
iChauffeurs include the Bentley Armage, the Mercedes Benz S Class, and various Lexus models in their line up, whilst Parkers Executive Chauffeurs seem to lean towards Mercedes, with the S Class LWB, the E Class, and the Viano.
Luxury Wedding Cars of Cheshire have amongst their fleet, the Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Super sport, and the Mercedes Benz S63 AMG.
Royal Silver Service tops its own list with the Maybach 62, offering fully reclining and massage chairs, silver service champagne set, and a full entertainment sysem, for that extra bit of luxury.
Also featured in Royal Silver Service’s fleet is the Rolls Royce Phantom,(with a 26 speaker sound system, refrigerator, and rear seat tables), the Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman, and the Bentley Flying Spur, with lavish wood interior.
Alsager Wedding Cars offer Mercedes Benz, Bentleys, or for that really special occasion, the 1927 Rolls Royce 20HP Tourer.
BK Executive have a wide range in their fleet including:
Rolls Royce Phantom
Bentley Armage, Flying Spur and Mulsanne
Mercedes S Class, E Class, Viano XLWB, and VIP 16 seater
Lincoln Town Car (Limousine)
and Ford Excvursion 4×4 13 PAX.
So, to sum up:
Which ten cars deserve to be in the ultimate top ten list of chauffeur cars on today’s market?
Opinions are bound to differ, but here goes:
1 Maybach 62. This car retails at around £315,000, so it’s not for the faint hearted, but certainly offers a taste of luxury.
2 Mercedes Benz range, because ‘What Car’ can usually be relied on to come up with the goods.
3 Lexus GS, a safe, reliable car from a good stable.
4 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, a real luxury class car.
5 Lincoln Town Car, because who doesn’t love a limousine?
6 Mercedes E Class. They figure in nearly all the chauffeur company’s lists, so they must be doing something right.
7 Rolls Royce Phantom, another luxurious offering.
8 Bentley Armage
9 Bentley Continental Flying Spur
10 BMW 7 Series. Who doesn’t love BMW?

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