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Today’s gas prices make small cars an attractive buy no matter where you go, but the space and parking limitations of the average big city makes them ideal to own. In addition, you get to enjoy the lower maintenance and insurance costs that come with having a small car. Here is a list of ten small city cars that perform a great job combining fuel efficiency, spaciousness and versatility in a small, yet attractive and fun package. These vehicles are also available for well under the $25,000 mark, something that should give anyone in search of a small city car more reason to purchase one.

1. Honda Fit

The Fit is the standard bearer when it comes to small, yet practical city cars. With loads of space, excellent fuel economy and an amazingly low cost of upkeep plus Honda’s vaunted reliability, it’s no wonder the Fit is one of the most popular choices out there.

2. Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Ford’s smallest offering comes by way of Europe, adding an unexpected touch of luxury with impressive styling and versatility.

3. Hyundai Accent

Thanks to a MSRP of just $14,695, the Accent is one of the most affordable small city cars available on the market. It also boasts excellent fuel economy at an EPA-estimated 30/40 mpg.

4. Fiat 500

Small and chic, the Fiat 500 marks the Italian automaker’s return to the U.S. market and a revival of the legendary 500 microcar. Available in hatchback, convertible and potent Abarth forms, the 500 moves through traffic with ease and style.

5. Volkswagen Golf

The Golf makes its appearance on the list of small city cars thanks to its compact design and unparalleled versatility. The Golf is available in a variety of forms, including a fuel-efficient diesel variant that achieves an EPA-estimated 30/42 mpg.

6. Chevy Sonic

The Sonic is Chevy’s newest small city car offering. It offers promising performance thanks to its optional turbocharged four-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission.

7. Toyota Prius c

The Prius c hatchback is the smallest of the Prius hybrid lineup. The five-door hatchback body lends it a smaller footprint and loads of versatility. It also retains Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system, resulting in impressive fuel economy (up to 53 mpg city) and near-zero emissions.

8. Scion iQ

This all-new model definitely qualifies as one of the smallest city cars on the market. Despite its size, it can still seat four people at a pinch or three people and a small amount of luggage.

9. Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper follows in the footsteps of the 1959 original with its small size, go-kart handling and excellent fuel economy. The base 121 horsepower motor gets the job done, although many people will opt for the more powerful turbocharged Cooper S and John Cooper Works models for a performance fix.

10. Smart Fortwo

Smart’s legendary creation is the ultimate small city car with a compact form that out shrinks the rest of the list. The Fortwo is small enough for two to share the same parking space and nimble enough to tackle crowded city streets. The excellent 34/38 mpg fuel economy is also a bonus.

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