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It is one of the many reasons that most people love celebrities and want to be celebrities themselves: Having the ability to splash the cash on whatever they like, whenever they like. In the case of most people, it seems to be cars that are high on the wish list. Some of the biggest stars in the world – from football legend David Beckham to model Jodie Kidd – are big time celebrity petrol heads who know a thing or two about great motors and own a fair few as well.

Most ordinary folk will push to having two cars in the garage or on the driveway in our time, but Jay Kay – lead singer with pop-funk band Jamiroquai – is the proud owner of an astonishing 68 cars, from a variety of Porsche’s to Ferrari and Lamborghini. He’s written a couple of them off in his time, too. Only celebrities could afford to do it!

This infographic was created on behalf of Prestige.