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Driving is second nature to most people. This is one of the main reasons why drivers get too complacent while manning their vehicles. Instead of being focused on driving, they do other things like talk on the phone, text their friends or check their emails using their high tech smartphones. But taking one’s attention off the road even for just a few seconds can have disastrous results. Therefore, it’s very important for people, especially parents and guardians, to become examples to younger drivers so that teen drivers won’t develop bad driving habits. Below are other driving tips that should be imparted to all individuals, particularly adolescents, who operate vehicles.

1. Avoid distractions while driving. Putting on make-up, chatting on the phone, and checking text messages or emails while manning an automobile are all very distracting. When a driver does not have all of his attention on the road, he could cause an accident that can have fatal or serious results.

2. Don’t get into a fight with other drivers. Many young drivers don’t have that much patience or understanding, and they can get into trouble with other drivers easily. When drivers argue, an incident can quickly escalate into what many commonly call as “road rage.” This often includes verbal abuse or cussing, making obscene hand gestures, tailgating, and also dangerous and illegal road races.

3. Regularly check tires and tire treads. Before turning on a car’s engine, a driver must make it a habit to check his tires to see if these are either over or under-inflated because tires that aren’t properly inflated wear and tear much faster and this could lead to blowouts. As for tire treads, these must be of the proper depth because worn out treads are more prone to slipping or skidding especially on wet or icy roads.

4. Be well-rested before driving. Many kids today are overachievers. Though this isn’t a bad thing, it might influence their safety if they are driving while overly fatigued. For instance, a student who needs to maintain straight As while also being a quarterback and a club president might find it difficult to find enough time for sleeping, especially if he needs to practice, study, and attend club meetings after school. When it’s already eleven at night on a Monday and the teen is just finishing up his day, he’ll probably be too tired to drive. Driving when very drowsy or too tired is like operating an automobile while drunk or on mind-altering drugs. To avoid road accidents, teens must enlist the help of their parents.

5. Forgetting to buckle up. Seatbelts are there for a reason, and so every driver and passenger must use these. Many individuals have been saved from serious injury or even death by seatbelts. Therefore, teen drivers must be taught to never neglect to buckle up.


6. Always follow the two-second rule when following another vehicle. A driver must never drive behind another car too closely because in case the vehicle in front suddenly stops, the driver behind will have less room to maneuver his vehicle, which can lead to road accidents, like bumping or rear-ending the car in front. Such incidents result in more serious injuries or damage when automobiles are going faster. Therefore, drivers must stay at least two seconds behind when going 60 mph, or five or six seconds when going 120 mph or more.

The author, Claire Waltham, is a full-time freelance writer who often blogs about car accidents. Her articles have been used by the Bob Cohen Law site, which specializes in personal injury.