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No one likes getting a traffic ticket, but the consequences of a ticket can go well beyond a simple fine. Some traffic violations can put points on the driver’s license, and cause his car insurance rates to rise. Voluntarily enrolling in and completing a driving course can eliminate some of these consequences by having the ticket dismissed. In other cases, the Florida courts may require a driver to complete a defensive driving course as part of the ticket penalty.

Taking Traffic Courses

Whether a class is court-mandated or voluntarily taken for the purpose of dismissing a ticket or reducing car insurance premiums, it’s important for drivers to complete the course. However, the traditional classroom-based traffic school presents a number of hurdles and obstacles for drivers attempting to fulfill their obligations. Traveling to and from the classes, working around the course’s schedule, and dealing with the stresses of classroom learning can make traffic school a hassle. Most traffic school classes take place on the weekend, when drivers would rather be relaxing with friends and family, or sleeping in. That’s why many drivers are looking for ways to attend Florida traffic school online.

The Benefits of Online Classes

There are numerous advantages to taking defensive driving classes online. Students can move through the course material, with interactive text, images, and video, at their own pace – pausing when needed, taking breaks to accomplish other tasks, or working through the entire course in a single session. The course materials and tests are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, so students can fit traffic school into their own schedule, rather than needing to work around a class time. Students can attend Florida traffic school online during their lunch breaks, when they get home from work, or even late at night. The test can be taken at any time, without an instructor looming nearby to make students nervous. There are unlimited retakes on the final exam, allowing students to keep trying at their leisure until they reach the 80 percent score required to pass.

Do Online Classes Really Work?

Certified online driving classes are approved by the Florida court system and the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, making them eligible to fulfill all mandated and optional defensive driving and traffic collision avoidance course (TCAC) requirements imposed by the courts. Classes are available to meet four-hour, eight-hour, and 12-hour course requirements. Live customer service is available to help seven days a week. Upon completing the final exam, the student’s results are available instantly, and he can print out his completion certificate. You may also be able to choose to have your results sent directly to the courts or the DMV.



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