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Why do auto buyers purchase used cars rather than new ? In most cases its cost , price and their personal budgets.  In other cases it may be stock and vehicle availability.  Most people buy used cars because they simply cannot afford a new truck ,car or sports utility vehicle of the type , brand , model or condition that they wish.  Some auto buyers and consumers do purchase pre-owned vehicles or economical transportation , especially when the truck or car is to be used only locally.

New Car Depreciation Buy A Used Car Let Someone Else Take the Hit:

Its the basic fact , indeed scourge of automobile owners that the very most expensive item a new -car owner faces is rapid depreciation of brand new vehicles. A car driven off a new car dealership’s lot is worth 30 % off the hop.  Its a fact of economics.  There is “no such thing as a free lunch”.  Sure everyone likes to bank at large imposing ( and financially reassuring ) large imposing solid bank buildings. In a similar manner  people usually do like to shop and pander at  brick & mortar auto dealerships with all their fixtures , displays and personal service. Yet someone ( the auto buyer with resulting depreciation of the value of the auto) has to “pay for that”.  The physical plant of the automotive dealership, staff , taxes , light and heating etc etc etc all has to be paid for.  This comes out of the pocket of new car buyers in the form of depreciation.  Thus new car buyers subsidize used car costs.  If you purchase a used automobile you are getting a better deal than “buying new” .  Its because the first owner of the car took the hit.  Sure Laura might say “I like new”  .  Yet the smart auto buyers , who get best value , buy good ( and reliable)  used  automobiles.

People Replace & Trade in Vehicles for any Number of Good Reasons:

It might be said that buying a used car is “buying someone else’s problem”.  Buying a used auto is like buying a used and worn-out pair of shoes. The rationale is that no one sells or gets rid of a vehicle for resale , unless that car is a mechanical nightmare.  This is simply not true.  People get rid of automobiles and update all the time.  Common reasons include – auto leases , auto payment plans reaching their payout terms, new models , u-drive & company vehicles turnovers or simply because the auto owner wanted a change, update or upgrade at this point in time.

Your Best Value in Reliable Transportation May Be a Well Chosen Used Vehicle:

The summary is that if you are searching for a new or replacement vehicle for reliable transportation your best value overall may be be with a premium used and well cared for used and pre-owned vehicle rather than a spanking brand new one .  After all it can be said “everyone drives a used car”.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood is a well known  and colourful character in the northern Alberta & Calgary Canadian automotive sales , servicing & auto financing industries.  Park lives and breathes cars & trucks.  He only wishes his budget would allow him more luxurious and frequent upgrades & updates in his personal automotive fleet