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Chances are you have used a valet service. Maybe you went to a posh restaurant or attended a meeting in a swanky hotel. A valet service is surely an added touch of luxury, and you can’t help but feel privileged when you enjoy this kind of service. But to some, leaving their vehicles in the hands of others is a scary thing. They actually have every right to be scared since robbery and car theft are common, and valets are often involved.

There are several things that you can do in order to make sure that your car and possessions stay safe while in the hands of a valet. For instance, you can take note of your vehicle’s mileage, protect your valet parking ticket like it was your car key, or tip your valet generously. Aside from these, another helpful method is to make use of GPS and a car’s valet mode.

What Is Valet Mode?

The valet mode allows you to disarm your car’s alarm system so that others will be able to drive or handle your vehicle. While in the valet mode, other people, like valets or mechanics, won’t be able to open your car’s trunk. The valet mode also limits the power of your automobile’s engine so that other individuals won’t be able to joyride or race using your vehicle. This is a huge advantage because without horsepower, people won’t be able to take advantage of your ride.

Most of the time, the valet key is used so that others won’t have access to a vehicle’s compartments. This is very useful especially if you’re in the habit of having valuable gadgets or items inside your car. Keep these prized possessions inside secure compartments before leaving your vehicle with a valet. This way, you don’t leave temptations just lying around. But remember that a very determined thief could gain access into your car’s trunk even without a key. So, if you’re traveling, better leave your valuables at home where they are safe.

What’s The Use of GPS in Car Security?

GPS is basically used for tracking vehicles, people, as well as gadgets, like cellular phones. It’s very advantageous to install a GPS device inside your car so that in case someone tries to steal it, you and the authorities will have a better chance at tracking it down. GPS devices have actually been very helpful in solving many car thefts, and it is also because of such tools that a number of valets have been caught using other people’s cars illicitly. One thing that you should remember when using this kind of tool is to make sure that you check the battery’s charge. GPS batteries are usually good for about 2 weeks. So, you should check and recharge when needed.

There are many kinds of GPS models. You can buy one for less than $150, while other versions cost more than $400. The price depends on several factors, such as special features, size, power, and brand. A good and convenient choice is a GPS device that can be easily moved from car to car. This way, you can easily transfer the device to the vehicle that you are going to use.

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