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Cars are expensive acquisitions, which is why we make sure that we properly take care of them. A vehicle that’s not maintained well deteriorates much faster. Because of damage and deterioration, it’s dangerous to drive or ride automobiles that are not kept in good condition because these could cause road accidents. Aside from this, the driver of a well-maintained car could also get into an accident when roads are not properly cared for. As a driver, you should be aware that in case you or your vehicle sustains damage because of improper road maintenance, you can consult a personal injury attorney. Your lawyer can help you get payment for damages, and you can use your compensation to pay for car repair or other fees.

Vehicle Care

It is vital to take care of your car so that in case you’re driving it, you’re assured that it will perform flawlessly. Any small defect can quickly become a big problem; and big problems can easily trigger road accidents that could cause you and others grave injuries.

Some of the most common maintenance issues regarding cars include the following:

– Defective brakes

– Faulty steering wheel

– Improper engine care

– Failure to properly oil machines

– Air pressure and tire problems

There are still several other car maintenance issues that must be checked and dealt with right away in order to prevent accidents on the highway. So, if you are not a person who tinkers with automobiles, then it’s really a good idea to have your vehicle checked by a reliable automotive expert. That person can make sure that your oils are changed when needed. You can also have him check tire pressure, brakes, clutches, suspension and steering, and wheel alignment, to name a few.

Road Maintenance

You are, quite obviously, not responsible for road maintenance. You should, however, be aware that in case you get injured or if your car sustains damage because of improper road care, you have the right to make a legal claim. By doing so, you increase your chances of getting a fair compensation for damages.

Generally, counties, municipalities and states are in charge of keeping public roads and highways safe for motorists. Therefore, they are also legally responsible for accidents because of bad road conditions. Here are some examples of negligent acts that trigger accidents.

1. Lack of signs.

When a certain part of a road is being maintained or repaired, construction workers are required to post sufficient signage so that motorists become aware of ongoing activity. Such signs should be easily visible from afar, and these should also be clearly seen at night. Signs made with reflective materials or lights should be used to maximize visibility.

2. Slipshod road cleanup.

Materials, machines, and other construction debris must be cleaned regularly after workers have finished for the day. When items are left on the road, no matter how small they may seem to be, they could cause bikers to slip and fall or car drivers to bump or swerve.

3. Inadequate maintenance of drainage systems.

If drains and gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis, trash and other debris accumulate. When there’s heavy rain, streets will become flooded because of clogged drains. Flooding on public streets can lead to all sorts of vehicular and traffic problems.


Claire Flint is a freelance writer. She blogs about auto repairs and writes for AWS Automotive, which is a family-owned auto repair shop in Ventura.