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Shopping at used car dealers in NJ is an exciting way to save time and money, but preparation is the cornerstone of a satisfactory purchase. Because most dealerships offer a range of models, informed consumers do their research beforehand and reduce the cars that are on their shopping list. Asking questions of a salesperson is another essential component of an informed decision, and here are a few of the most important things to know about a pre-owned car.

Can I See The Maintenance Records?

Maintaining a vehicle is the best way to ensure that it provides the years of service that it should. Regular oil changes are just one essential maintenance task, and most manufacturers recommend that this job is done every three months. At any used car dealer in NJ, shoppers should be sure to look at any maintenance records that are available to see what repairs have been performed on the vehicle.

What Is The Fuel Economy Of The Vehicle?

Because the true cost of driving a vehicle on a daily basis is largely influenced by the price of fuel, educated consumers learn about the different models that are available at used car dealers in NJ. Most manufacturers base their vehicles on the amount of miles per gallon (MPG) that a car receives. Higher MPG ratings are more efficient and inherently cheaper to drive.

How Many Owners Are On Record?

While there are plenty of great buys available on the used car market, some lemons are still on the market. One of the best ways for consumers to make sure their pre-owned car, truck or SUV is in optimal condition is to check the number of owners. Generally speaking, cars that have only had one or two owners are in better condition. In addition, the single-owner vehicles are usually maintained in accordance with the factory’s directions for the longest service life.

What Is The Safety Rating?

New vehicles are also rated by several organizations for safety, and consumers should know about the various protections that are offered. Air bags are more common than ever and may be found along the dash, in head rests, and in the door side panels. Anti-lock brakes are another common safety feature that provides enhanced stability.
Saving money at used car dealers in NJ is easier when consumers prepare for their shopping trip. Because a number of different issues affect the total value of a particular automobile, wise shoppers ask the right questions and receive the proper answers.

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