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People buy used cars every day and while many only have to worry about future mechanical faults some end up with a lot more trouble than they anticipated. The fact is some cars are just not worth a penny even if they seem to be in great shape so it is up to you to figure out which ones are really a steal and which ones to run from. But how? One factor to consider when vetting used cars is their history so let’s examine what exactly are we searching for when this is done.

The Possibility of Fraud

Not everyone selling used cars will be honest so you have to ensure that you take precautions. You therefore want an Autocheck report and a title check, both of which you can get using the VIN . The VIN or  Vehicle Identification Number is a code that should be found in several areas of the car. It is 17 digits in length and can be found at the bottom of the windshield and the sticker on the door pillar to the driver side. Mostly importantly, cars only have one VIN so finding one that doesn’t match is a definite red flag.

Mileage, Servicing and Damages

The Autocheck mentioned above will reveal if there are any discrepancies in terms of mileage. The aforementioned checks will also outline past accidents and damages due to flood. Additionally, a look at the service records will show what the car has been repair for and the type of care it has received over its lifetime. Any car that appears neglected is likely to be problematic plus, it means you will have to pay to get its servicing updated.

Insurance Past

Has the car been written off or has it been condemned? This could be a problem when you try to get insurance later on even if it passes inspection. It may be hard to believe but many cars that are deemed to be a total loss by insurance companies are fixed and sent back on the road each year.

Was it Recalled?

Cars are recalled almost every year from reasons ranging from small to life-threatening. While manufacturers often make the necessary changes it is still not a good idea to buy used cars with a recall history. Furthermore, looking at the recall report can show what defects or safety concerns to check for. You can get this information by visiting the NHTSA website. is a cash for junk cars company that provide services in the United States.