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The Ford Transit is a model of vehicle created by Ford for light commercial purposes. The Transit is commonly used in the role of a cargo van, but it is also used as a minibus, passenger van and for many other purposes. If you are looking for a practical van that will provide you with reliable service for your business, whether you are a courier, taxi service or contractor, the Ford Transit is a great option.

The Ford Transit is also a very easy vehicle to get a hold of, due to its popularity. The UK will not run short on its supply of used Ford Transits anytime soon, as new vans are being sold in large numbers every year and these eventually find their way into the second hand vehicle market.

If you are considering buying a Ford Transit van for your business, here are some tips that you should know before you start shopping:

Look for Post-2000 Models

In the year 2000, an all-new Ford Transit model was launched which had both front and rear wheel drive, as opposed to the rear-wheel-drive only models before that. For this reason, any model released post 2000 will be a lot more practical and desirable. Also, buying a pre-2000 van might be a bit of a risk as these types of vehicles tend to be used heavily and will have high mileage and plenty of need for repair.

Pay Attention to the Paperwork

A crucial step when buying a Ford Transit van is to check the paperwork that comes along with the vehicle very carefully. You should check to make sure that the vendor’s name and address is the same as the one that is shown on the log book and that the Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle and in the log book match up. It is also a good idea to take a very close look at the log book to ensure that it has not been altered at any point.

You should also make sure that the Ford Transit has a valid certificate for an MOT test. You might want to inspect the service book at the same time – if there are any significant gaps between servicing this can be a red flag.

Ford Transit Specific Problems

Every model of van has its own strengths and weaknesses and the Ford Transit is no exception. There are a few problems that are very common with this model of van, so make sure you are extra wary of them.

A used Ford Transit from pre-2000 could very likely have a problem with whining rear axles. This is when you start to hear a knocking sound from the back of the vehicle when you accelerate. This sound is usually a warning that will tell you the universal joint is in trouble, so make sure that you take the vehicle for a test drive before you make your final purchase.

One specific problem that can occur with post-2000 Ford Transit vans is a loud rattling sound when you are idling the engine. This is a sign that the timing chain is damaged, which can be an expensive repair. You should also look out for a rattling sound when accelerating, which is a sign that the clutch and the flywheel are on their last legs. Of course, you should also be aware of water or oil leaks as well as any sogginess when applying the breaks or strange sounds form the suspension.

These are just a few important tips that you should know when buying a used Ford Transit van, so that you can choose the right vehicle for your business.

Calvin Ford is a small business owner who is looking into used Transit vans for sale to build a fleet of vehicles for his company.