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Many people around the world now look to automobiles as their main mode of transport. These vehicles have made it easier to find work, visit family, and take long distance vacations. There are two countries that have made up most of the car buying market, and these two combined far outweigh the rest of the world.

The country that buys the most cars is China. Chinese citizens now purchase 18,350,000 vehicles annually. This number is still increasing, and has risen 22.6 percent since 2011. This is in part because China holds a strong portion of the manufacturing base with GM manufacturing 31.8 percent of their vehicles in the nation.

A short distance behind China was the United States. Citizens of the U.S. purchased 12,775,346 vehicles in 2011. Other nations trailed behind by purchasing anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 million. The people who paid the highest combined cost for vehicles were U.S. citizens.

The rise in car purchases in China is likely due to its increasing middle class and wages. People who once could not afford vehicles are now able to purchase them at a staggering rate. With a growth in sales of 22.6 percent, it is clear that China is the next place for auto manufacturers to shift their focus.

Jason Lancaster works with Toyota Parts Center, who sells genuine Toyota parts online. He likes looking at the latest trends in global car sales and sharing information through Infographics.